Our training curriculums

In line with our modular and audience-based training approach, PwC's Academy offers training curriculums.

Our pedagogic advisors and our subject matter experts have co-constructed best in class pedagogic solutions, that are delivered as an engaging learning experience.

We effectively designed optimal and highly flexible learning pathways to address either role-based, industry-based, or product-based learning needs.

Made of complementary and modular building blocks, they will help you identify the best learning experience for you and your teams:

  • Our curriculums are designed to answer the needs of specific audiences: from junior (Foundation level) to more experienced employees and managers (Knowledge & Competence) or board and executive members (Fit & Proper);
  • Our curriculums include multi-format solutions, including instructor-led training sessions (classroom or through webinar), or digital learning solutions;
  • Our curriculums are proposed as comprehensive training programmes, but individual training modules can also be selected as standalone courses to meet specific needs. Modules can be customised to align with your specific objectives.

Please click on the titles to get further details about each curriculum's contents and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Please regularly visit our website and check our catalogue as new curriculums are coming soon!

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