MiFID II blended learning curriculum

The CSSF circular 17/665 requires that professionals "ensure and demonstrate to competent authorities that natural persons giving investment advice or providing information about financial instruments, investment services or ancillary services to clients on behalf of the professional possess the necessary knowledge and competence to fulfil their obligations."

PwC's Academy has designed in close collaboration with PwC's subject matter experts an extensive blended learning curriculum to address the knowledge and competence criteria as set out by the regulator.

The training curriculum is designed to offer an effective, flexible and cost-efficient approach for professionals to build-up and maintain their MiFID II knowledge and competence.

1 curriculum, 2 delivery formats, 5 complementary building blocks

The curriculum’s pedagogic approach is to propose an extensive learning universe along with the ability to blend digital and live formats for an optimal learning experience. Considering their business environment, professionals can easily assess which building blocks are relevant to support their MiFID related learning initiatives.

Please click on the links to get further details about each building block's contents or to register to a session.

Digital learning components:

  • The "MiFID II certification" comprehensive e-learning suite is structured around 5 thematic pillars for professionals giving investment advice or giving information about investment products, investment services or ancillary services. Depending on the professional population considered, each pillar comprises a set of digital tutorials related to the knowledge and competence criteria. Each thematic pillar kicks off with a skill gap assessment enabling the definition of personalised learning journey given the learner’s results. The e-learning suite can be complemented by live classroom / webinar sessions on selected topics under the blended learning approach.
  • The "MiFID II digital assessment" (1h) has been developed by PwC’s Academy to support the annual assessment of general Knowledge & Competence around MiFID II requirements in the context of the CSSF circular 17/665
  • The "MiFID/MiFIR: key requirements” (1h) digital tutorial of the e-learning suite is also available as standalone to support the regular update of general Knowledge & Competence around MiFID II requirements.

Live learning components:

  • The "MiFID II: the essentials" (2h) is a live training module which aims to provide baseline MiFID II knowledge to professionals.
  • The "MiFID II refresher" (2h) training is a course designed to support the regular update of general Knowledge & Competence around MiFID II requirements.

Additional PwC’s Academy live courses are available to support learning around topics surrounding the MiFID regulatory framework:

Live training courses can also be tailored on demand giving the nature of your investment and financial products and services offering

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