The metaverse: beyond the hype

The metaverse has certainly been one of the - if not THE - most media covered topics over the last years. Despite all that, there is still no generally accepted rigid definition and without a doubt, a certain amount of hype continues to surround the topic . Building on the convergence of numerous technologies, often confused with the web3 or simple video games, the metaverse might represent the biggest market opportunity of the next 20 years.

Understanding its core principles, components and how it is already being applied on the market will be critical for any business decision maker so as not to be left behind.

This module is part of our Digital assets and metaverse curriculum.

Price: 410.00 €

Duration: 2h

Language: Available in English and French. The supporting material is only available in English.

Number of participants: up to 20

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By the end of this course, participants will:

  • apprehend what the metaverse encompasses and envision the underlying opportunity; 
  • obtain an overview of the metaverse constituents and how technology convergence is playing a critical role in its development; 
  • review existing landscape and applications and latest market developments;
  • discuss potential industry use cases; 
  • understand current limits and risks involved.


Illustrative proposed content 

  • How did we get there: overview of major milestones 
  • Discussion on technological convergence and the constituents of the metaverse 
  • The link with web3, blockchain and digital assets 
  • Overview of market perspectives and the business opportunity 
  • Discussion on currently identifiable risks and limitations 
  • Identification of short-term actionable steps

Target audience

This course is designed as a comprehensive primer, requiring minimal previous knowledge of the blockchain technology, and addresses the topics that relate to:

  • Business managers
  • C-suite officers
  • Digital transformation managers/chiefs
  • Technology officers
  • Digital innovators, R&D, software developers

Our lead experts

This training is coordinated by Thomas Campione, Director at PwC.

Thomas leads our blockchain and crypto-assets activities. He is the Luxembourg representative in the PwC Crypto Accounting Working Group (CAWG), the Global Crypto Committee and Global Blockchain Community in the PwC Network and has been an instructor within PwC team since 2015.

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