Our recruitment process

Our recruitment experience, short and simple

Our selection process entails the following steps: 


Apply now according to your profile: Attach your resume and any other relevant documentation. 


CV screening: You will receive an email to inform you whether your profile matches the open position. If your CV matches the position, a recruitment team member will reach out to you to propose and schedule an interview. 

Interviews with HR and business: You will meet your future colleagues during the interview phase as well as with members of the HR team. You will discuss technical competencies and experience with the former, while the latter will focus on you and your motivation, strengths and interests.

Final feedback: Regardless of the outcome of the process, we will take the time to share the final decision with you.

Contract signature: Congratulations, you have signed the contract to join us. Even though we are eager to welcome you soon, it will take a few more weeks before you can walk through Crystal Park’s door.

Our tips for a successful interview

Regardless of your job and technical skills, there are a few key competencies that we value and are transversal to all our People: 

  • Team-oriented outlook;
  • Motivation;
  • Client focus;
  • Ability to analyse and solve problems.

Our tips for a successful interview

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