FAIA/ SAF-T in Luxembourg

Digitalisation is accelerating e-audits and real-time reporting obligations

The global indirect tax landscape is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the digital economy. This means that businesses are now having to adopt tax technologies to ensure robust processes and controls are in place from a tax compliance perspective. By utilising new technologies, it is now easier for tax authorities and taxpayers to collect, transfer, store and analyse large amounts of data. A number of countries have already advanced to the stage of "making tax digital" by introducing real-time transaction reporting for tax purposes.

In line with this trend, VAT audits by tax authorities are also shifting towards automation and data analytics. In order to do so, more and more countries are adopting the Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes ("SAF-T"), which is an international standard based on the OECD model file for the electronic exchange of tax data. In Luxembourg, the SAF-T equivalent is referred to as "FAIA".

From data collection to generation of the file, testing and data analytics, we can help you to face your SAF-T challenges.

How we can help you

Data collection & SAF-T Generation

Assist you with the generation of a SAF-T file with the help of our web-based collaborative platform. We collect the data that you have extracted from your systems, generate and validate the file in accordance with the relevant format requirements. You may download your SAF-T files and our assessment reports from our platform at any time.

SAF-T Assessment

- Assist you in analysing your SAF-T file and provide you with comments and observations regarding the possible errors and discrepancies in the data.

- Different levels of testing can be proposed depending on your needs. We simulate an e-audit VAT inspection by running a set of pre-defined tests on the SAF-T at several levels:

1st level - Structural tests: check of the structure and format and identification of possible errors or omissions that might make the file unreadable for the authorities’ audit software.

2nd level - Pre-fiscal tests: identification of inconsistencies or discrepancies between elements included in the SAF-T.

3rd level - Fiscal tests: identification of discrepancies between the data in the SAF-T file and in the VAT returns, possible errors in the VAT coding and checking of consistency of VAT coding for each type of transactions.

- Tailor-made tests: customisation of our tests to match your specific needs, business sector or VAT risks.

SAF-T Analytics

Use e-audit techniques to better manage VAT

Improve your VAT compliance and identify risks or opportunities by using data analytics. Thanks to our technology, we will provide you with:

- tailored management information.

- metrics and trend analysis to help you optimise your VAT position.

- high-end data analytics available on demand.

Our PwC SAF-T platform 

Key capabilities

Integrated web-based solution

  • Integrated workflow and full control over the data load process
  • Up-to-date compliant system (updated according to legislation changes)

Flexibility and efficiency

  • Clients can upload data, whatever the accounting software
  • Roll forward from one year to another

Comply with SAF-T requirements

  • Comply with OECD SAF-T 2.0, the most thorough version of the file
  • Data quality checks performed and dashboards for control review
  • Validation rules set by VAT authorities applied upfront to ensure a valid SAF-T file

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FAIA with PwC - what does it mean for you? 

  • Your life becomes easier with a one stop-shop solution, a unique and distinctive PwC technology
  • Easy setup and accessible 24/7 anywhere: a mobile-friendly platform, adaptable to any device with a personalised access to monitor status
  • Enabling technology to optimise your situation with a secured platform from basic needs to fully integrated service
  • Assistance with our smart navigation, online help & training
  • Manage proactively your SAF-T and related risks via a series of tests and dashboards for control review
  • Be fully compliant: guarantee of an up-to-date compliant system according to legislation changes; comply with OECD SAF-T 2.0 (the most thorough version of the file)
  • Real-time collaboration and transparency
  • Flexibility and efficency: upload data whatever the accounting software; roll forward from one year to another
  • Data analytics on demand, to help you make the best decisions

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