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Do you want to accelerate the workforce agility within your firm and mitigate threatening talent shortages?

public sector

Public Sector

Is your objective to limit unemployment and accelerate the back to work process?

job seekers

Job Seekers

Are you looking for support finding the best suitable job that the job market is actually offering in the shortest time? Would you like to keep your skills relevant to the market?


The already existing economic transformation due to automation and digitisation is accelerating since the Covid-19 outbreak. Fast and unplanned changes bring unprecedented challenges:

There is a Shortfall of workers in key occupations (increase in demand for manpower and specific skills such as logistics, food & retail, healthcare) - and, at the same time, displaced workers in directly affected sectors (e.g. entertainment, leisure, travel and hospitality).

Our solution

Needs are on one side, people are on the other side. “Back to Work” makes both sides match. 

Within our “Back to Work” job & training matching solution, we provide a platform to bring people and positions together, and support people within their skills transformation.

Upskilling: intense full-time training to do the same function in the same company (or not) as this function evolves

Outskilling: intense full-time training supported by the employee's company in order for the employee to change company (either same function or not)  

Reskilling: intense full-time training to change function in the same company

our platform
our approach to face the crisis

Value Proposition

our insights

Our insights in macroevolution and the evolution of trends and skills allow us to foresee what is happening on the market and to anticipate the needs of business and people. 

Thanks to updated data on market trends regarding new skills and emerging jobs, the impacted parties can be able to anticipate their upcoming needs, put in place a recovery strategy plan and prepare the workforce on the possible next steps. 

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Christian Scharff

Partner, People, Experience and Change, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 2051

Laurent Probst

Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 2199

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