Technology - Core services

IT Function Transformation

Your IT function has to bring business value. We help you improve its effectiveness, through an optimal management and execution.

IT Infrastructure

Our team provides you with end-to-end and maintenance solutions for your IT infrastructure, including composite hardware and network resources. We also help you manage and recover your IT environment to make sure you put forward the best services to your employees, partners and/or customers.

Enterprise Applications

We help you identify your business resource planning needs and we set up vendor platforms for a technology-enabled transformation process. Focus areas include project design and implementation actions, as well as industry-specific software solutions.

Application Technology

We help you find out what are the appropriate applications for your business needs and efficiently connect new and existing ones. This includes Mobility integration, advising on the software development life-cycle, quality and management testing, as well as helping develop specific applications, tailored to your technologies and software frameworks.

Emerging & Digital Technologies

Our team focuses on driving technical innovations that create competitive advantages for your business. We assist you in planning and rolling-out strategic business solutions that alter the business, its mobility, interconnectivity and social environment.

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Thierry Kremser

Technology Partner, PwC Luxembourg

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Partner, PwC Luxembourg

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Patrice Witz

Technology Partner, PwC Luxembourg

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