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Indirect tax compliance services

Governments have increased VAT rates over the last few years to balance budgets against decreasing income tax rates. This evolution has also led to additional compliance obligations, stricter enforcement of penalties or earlier requests for payments.

VAT authorities also modernised how they carry out audits and enhanced cross-border cooperation. The compliance function becomes critical. Wrong reporting can immediately trigger negative consequences in terms of cash flow, penalties (for both companies and individuals) or reputation.

We’ve developed technology enabled solutions to strengthen your compliance capabilities combining industry specifics, operational efficiency, risk detection and optimisation opportunities.

What's in it for you

We make sure that:

  • managing your VAT situation doesn’t disrupt your core business;
  • information flows and processing are efficient;
  • you benefit from our most skilled and highly responsive people;
  • annual budgets remain as agreed in advance.

We manage proactively your VAT position and related risks through:

  • standardised deliverables;
  • timely delivery;
  • full compliance (e.g. less risks of heavy VAT audits, adjustments, fines);
  • due diligence readiness.

We have technology-enabled solutions to manage your VAT situation:

  • interactive platform, with real time information accessible 24/7;
  • structured and interactive visualisation of VAT position with different levels of granularity;
  • data analytics tailored to your business;
  • benchmarking tools.

Preparation/Review of VAT returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat

Digital and innovative

Digital and innovative platform to interactively deliver our VAT services efficiently, transparently and with 24/7 visibility.

VAT methodology

VAT methodology allowing to streamline our collaboration and decrease the burden related to your VAT compliance requirements.

Our VAT solution

Our VAT solution provides a number of VAT safeguards and control checks, automates many of the manually intensive tasks that the compliance function typically requires and then inherently reduces potential VAT risks.

Data process

Our technology allows to use data processed in the preparation of VAT returns to provide data analytics information for an efficient management of your VAT position.


All you need is a review? We customise it to fit your requirements (review of daily purchase and income postings, VAT treatment of complex transactions, etc.).

Dealing with VAT authorities - VAT audits & FAIA support

VAT audits

Let us protect your VAT position!

Dealing with VAT audits requires technical skills and experience. To protect your VAT position, we help you with:

  • Extensive experience and daily contacts with the VAT Authorities;
  • Knowledge of the practice of VAT Authorities;
  • Knowledge of market practice;
  • Knowledge of the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union.
FAIA/ SAF-T in Luxembourg

Penalties are coming!

The VAT law requires taxpayers to produce a structured electronic audit file (called FAIA) upon request. Authorities are intensifying their request for FAIA files. Non compliance with FAIA regulations will soon lead to penalties.

To help you prepare, we:

  • Review the company's IT environment & data available in the systems with regard to the data requested;
  • Assist in the set-up of a data mapping between the Information System & the FAIA with regard to the data requested using our fit-for-use "data mapping template";
  • Help generating the FAIA files. Testing the format of the FAIA files with a view to making it readable by the authorities. Testing of data to minimise risks of adjustments by the authorities.

Discover our offer

VAT data analytics offering

How well do you know where your VAT costs and opportunities are?

Our VAT data analytics solution provides you with:

  • Tailored management information;
  • Metrics and trend analysis at a group/entity level to help you optimise your VAT position.

First set of standard data analytics available:

  • VAT position trend at a group/entity level (VAT balance, deductible/non deductible input VAT);
  • Projection of the future VAT balances at a group/entity level;
  • Reverse-charge transactions report;
  • Largest 20 transactions with VAT (input/output).

High-end data analytics available on demand:

  • Cash management optimisation;
  • Detailed VAT review of the VAT balances;
  • Input VAT deduction optimisation.

A new era of VAT compliance begins here in Luxembourg

At PwC, we want you to take advantage of technology combined with our best in class VAT knowledge, to make your life better. It is now time to go to the next level, a VAT compliance tool that combines industry specifics, operational efficiency, risk detection, optimisation opportunities. Moreover, data used for the production of VAT returns are recycled to produce management information under the form of data analytics.

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VAT compliance

vat check

VIES checker

You are dealing with many suppliers, service providers, co-contractors or customers and need to regularly check the validity of their VAT identification numbers. This may be your monthly burden. If it is, we can reduce it to a few clicks. 

How we can help

Our solution automatically validates value added tax (VAT) identification numbers and produces a report that summarises the (in)validity of VAT numbers.

To receive the report, all you need to do is drag and drop your files with the VAT numbers to be checked via a user friendly platform put at your disposal. Within a few minutes you will get a report that summarises the (in)validity of the VAT numbers included in your file.

Our solution uses the database of the EU. The validity of a VAT number is therefore checked in real time on official sources. 


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