Tax Data Management & Analytics

Globalisation, regulatory changes, shorter business cycles, increased scrutiny, and heightened customer expectations mean that companies need to become more agile to respond to market changes swiftly.

However, organisations cannot make informed business decisions if they are struggling to locate, validate, and manipulate tax data.

We can come with tax-specific data management solutions that integrate all data required by tax in a standard, tax-sensitised platform. This provides an integrated tax performance management environment, where data becomes a valuable strategic asset that can provide actionable insight.

Our Tax Data Management and Analytics team is focused on integrating finance and tax data into a ‘one-stop shop’ for tax, providing a holistic view of tax-sensitive information across the tax function.

We can work with you to:

  • Assist your tax department to create a more automated, efficient, and predictive tax function
  • Increase your visibility into global tax operations via:
    • tax technology strategy/roadmap, to provide a two- to five-year tax technology vision for the tax function end-to-end integration of provision and compliance data self-service reporting
    • automated reconciliation reporting
    • web-enabled data collection integrated with the overall tax data management solution tax planning, scenario forecasting, and predictive analytics

A single reliable tax, sensitised, reconciled, data repository

Increased controls due to data and processes that can be reused for tax compliance, provisions and audit functions

Increased resource capacity due to less time spent gathering data and manually generating custom reports

Reporting and forecasting that provide actionable insight into tax

Reduced need for supplemental tax support and manual reconciliations

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