Risk Management

The shift from well-defined conventional risks (e.g. credit and market risks) to risks that require a more specific assessment like strategic, reputational, liquidity or operational risks has led to a growing source of risks that can threaten firms’ survival or impact their profitability.

At the same time, supervisory authorities have decided to reinfo rce or set up new rules to enhance governance and risk management practices within the financial industry, with a strong focus on compliance with texts and regulations. For the banking sector, the advent of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) in 2014, has certainly marked a step change in terms of expectations.

We've set up a team of multi-disciplinary expert composed of professionals with thorough expertise in all aspects of risk management, be it quantitative, qualitative (e.g. risk and internal governance) or regulatory risk management.

How we can help you


By implementing a risk management solution with our assistance, you'll:

  • Be compliant with the ever-developing regulatory requirements and best practices standards.
  • Reduce risks and losses and better understand the risks taken within tolerable levels, achievable through, for example, a Risk Appetite Framework covering the whole organisation.
  • Improve governance, risk methodologies and risk management policies.
  • Improve processes, controls and related cost management.