Understanding self better with MBTI®

A better self-awareness based on the MBTI® awakens the potential within each of us and allows for better performance, with a better approach to customers, teams and colleagues.
The advantage of the MBTI®: it explains how positive and essential each profile is in an organization.
Motivating and rewarding, MBTI® boosts participants and allows them to approach others in a more positive way.

30 June 2020 (FR)

Price: 750.00 €

Duration: 4h

Language: English, also available in French

Number of participants: max. 12



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Highlight their strengths and development areas
  • Use information on their profile to adapt their communication to others
  • Identify areas of complementarity with other profiles
  • Develop a concrete action plan to boost its potential


  • Presentation of the MBTI®, its objectives and applications
    • What the MBTI is: a model that determines behavioural preferences
    • What it is not: it is not a capacity test
  • The MBTI® model: The 4 dimensions
    • The 4 dimensions: 4 preferred types of operating
  • Differences and complementarities
  • Influences and contributions within the team
  • Good practices in communication with the different types
  • Self-diagnosis: natural types and preferences
  • The discovery of the 16 MBTI types
  • The dynamics of the type, the evolution during the life cycle
    • The evolution of a type over time
  • Personal action plan to take advantage of the model

Target audience

  • Anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the MBTI® tool
  • Anyone who wants to use their natural preferences to improve their communication

Our lead experts

Marie-Jo Bisaillon works as training consultant in Equations Consulting. She provides consulting services through training and coaching to organisations where she supports the HR services in the indentification of their training needs. She has delivered every year programmes on effective communication, assertiveness, effective interpersonal communication.  She has also coached expatriate partners on all aspects of integration. Marie- Jo has been a trustful training consultant for PwC’s Academy over the past 15 years; she is fluent in both English and French.

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