Preparing and participating effectively in meetings

Meetings can be the most expensive practice… or the most productive one. Make sure you stand on the right side!
Based on the understanding that getting the best of meetings is a very active process, with this course, participants learn to manage their calendars, prepare appropriately for the meeting, have all the documents required handy, and know their participative role in the meeting.

17 June 2020 (ENG)

Price: 750.00 €

Duration: 7h

Language: English

Number of participants: max. 12



By the end of the training, you will be able to :

  • identified the key skills and behaviors needed to make your meetings effective and efficient

  • developed new communication techniques to ensure your meetings are a success

  • expanded your communication toolbox to increase your productivity

  • grown in confidence and competence when dealing with challenging situations in meetings



1. Starting with the end in mind—what do you want from meetings?

  • Purpose Pyramid preparation technique

  • Why – what is the meeting going to achieve

  • What – what is on agenda- asking for one

  • How - the usual 4 processes of a meeting

  • Who - What am I personally responsible for/ my value added (content and context)

2. Company wide accountability - and pre-meeting etiquette

  • Am I replying?  Do I accept everything? Do I have a choice?

  • Am I including prep time somewhere?  Being realistic

  • Steps to take for making space to prepare

  • Knowing your contribution before you start

3. Appreciating and using the 4 levels of communication

4. Structuring the meeting

  • structuring an agenda and leading a meeting

  • listening between the lines and effective questioning

  • clarifying and summarizing to build cohesion

  • building on the contributions of others through appreciative inquiry

  • getting into details without getting lost

  • dealing with ambiguity

  • recognizing and dealing with behavioral types

  • keeping a meeting on schedule / to the agenda

  • turning talk into SMARTER actions

  • building reader-centric minutes

Target audience

This training is relevant to all managers, specialists and professionals needing to join or run meeting. 


Our lead experts

James Culver is a trainer with over 25 years of experience, a writer and a former professional storyteller with a Masters degree in HRD. Target Training GmbH has been delivering effective soft skills training solutions for over 15 years, working specifically with PwC’s Academy for over 7 years. Target Training specializes in building communication and interpersonal skills and helping participants successfully apply what they have learned in the international workplace.

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