Financial Instruments under IFRS 9 for Financial Services

"A guide through the maze" is the sentence that better summarize this training. You will get out of this training with a survival kit, helping you to understand and deal with topics such as impairment, hedge accounting, debt Vs equity, fair value and so many more. 

"Financial instruments" was a complex world. Not anymore!

10 June 2020 (ENG) - Webinar format - 10am-12pm

Classroom based: 650.00 €
Webinar: 300 €

Classroom based: 4h
Webinar: 2h

Language: English, also available in French

Number of participants: max. 20



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principles governing the issues relating to the classification, the valuation and the presentation of financial instruments under IFRS;
  • Apply those principles.


  • Background
  • Classification and Measurement
  • Impairment
  • Transition
  • Implementation challenges
  • Regulators' requirements

Target audience

  • Accounting persons in charge and their teams
  • Professionals of the financial sector
  • Team with internal auditors and with internal control
  • Persons in charge of consolidation and their teams
  • Chartered accountants

Our lead experts

This training is coordinated by Jean-Philippe Maes, Partner.

Jean-Philippe has over 10 years’ experience in Basel II / III areas. He has helped many banks, investment firms and management companies implement Basel II and III. He created the review of prudential reporting and related processes for his clients. What is more, he supported PwC’s external audit teams, which allowed him to review the ratios and reportings of more than 50 banks.

He also contributed to the design and review of ICAAP reports (Pillar 2 of Basel III) for more than 40 financial institutions in Luxembourg.

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