Data analytics and AI journey - Module 3 - Artificial Intelligence

The training course will help you understand the rational, techniques and business applications of artificial intelligence (AI) with a focus on machine learning.

9 June 2020 (ENG)

Price: 300.00 €

Duration: 2h

Language: English, also available in French and German

Number of participants: max. 12



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the rationale and motivation behind the surge for AI;
  • Understand typical use cases and the specificities of machine learning;
  • Acquire a comprehension of the fit for business needs in Luxembourg and globally;
  • Become aware of how to have a responsible and ethical AI.

Target audience

Business practitioners who handle data in their daily work such as:

  • Chief Marketing officers / Marketing experts; CHR / Head of HR;
  • Chief Risk Officers / Risk managers and officers;
  • Chief Operating Officers / Operations managers;
  • Chief Financial Officers / Head of Finance / Finance managers and officers;
  • Chief Innovation Officers;
  • Chief Digital Officers;
  • Chief Information Officers / Head of IT / IT experts;
  • Chief Data Officers.​

Our lead experts

Thierry is leading the Technology Consulting Services. He has over 20 years of experience in IT Strategy with a specific focus on the quality and efficiency of IT departments. He has managed numerous innovation and transformation programs and has also been involved in IT Risk and security projects. Thierry is leading the Data and Artificial Intelligence services.

Grégory has joined PwC internal IT department as an engineer in January 2005 and moved to the Governance Risk and Controls (GRC) department in November 2007 as an IT auditor. In 2012, Grégory created and developed the Forensic Technology department. As from 2015, Grégory has progressively created and developed the Data analytics & AI department of PwC Luxembourg; he is today the leading Director of the local team composed by more than 25 people (including 7 experts in data science) and is therefore regularly involved on analytics projects. Grégory is also heavily involved in the business development of his field.​

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