Conflict management - The Shaolin way

Conflict in the work environment is a very common and delicate situation that can often, not properly handled, result into mobbing or a loss of productivity caused by frustration.

In this respect, monasteries have always been examples due to their own composition and their way of life, are living together 24/7 all year long, there is no possibility to "get out of each other's way". Therefore, the tradition of the Order of Shaolin offers highly effective instruments for conflict situations. These ancestral principles can be used by modern corporate management to create conflict solving tools in order to satisfy all parties using a comprehensive and methodological approach.

2 July 2020 2020 (ENG)

Price: 750.00 €

Duration: 7h

Language: English

Number of participants: max. 12



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify situations which can generate conflicts;
  • Use different strategies to solve conflicts;
  • Use practical tools in conflict prevention.


Conflicts can arise everywhere and they have always been with us. They are an integrative and even unavoidable part in today's modern society. But a constructive and even sovereign dealing with conflicts needs to be learned. This includes:

  • The ability to identify the source of conflicts correctly
  • Evaluate possible effects that may arise from this conflict
  • See different solution alternatives that can be positively integrated in conflict conversation
  • Practical skills to avoid the escalation of conflicts and to find ways to resolve them


  • Various types of conflicts and their causes
  • How to diagnose and detect conflicts
  • Different strategies for conflict resolution
  • Recognition and evaluation of conflict potential
  • Ways for conflict prevention
  • How to improve personal conflict skills

While the speakers are both monks, we would like to clarify that the content of the seminar is in no way religious.

Target audience

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Team responsible
  • HR members

Our lead experts

This workshop is co-animated by two experts.

Shi Heng Zong, 35th generation Shaolin Buddhist Master and Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe
Shi Heng Yi, 35th generation Shaolin master and Shifu of the Shaolin Temple Europe.

Both are eager to share their learnings and insights with people outside the monastery.

Dipl. rer. Soc. Tien Sy Vuong, MBA, Shi Heng Yi started at the age of 4 to practice and train his skills and abilities in the arts of Shaolin. In 2001 he passed the masters exam and is being considered the youngest master ever in the Shaolin temple Europe.
Besides his professional and academic education, his main focus has always been sustainable development of the Shaolin culture and knowledge. In 2010 Shi Heng Yi Shifu became the leading master and administrative head of the Shaolin Temple Europe. For more than 25 years master Shi Heng Yi practiced and studied the interaction of body and minds functions.
His key strength is the ability to combine this knowledge with practical and applicable daily exercise in order to support people in this modern society. It is his ultimate goal to provide traditional techniques and concepts, that are easy to understand and useful in daily routine, to keep the inner balance and eventually lead to a healthier way of living.​

​Venerable Shi Heng Zong belongs to a few foreign monks that are given the honour to spread Shaolin knowledge and culture in Europe. After studying Buddhism for over 20 years. Venerable Shi Heng Zong became Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe in 2003 with the main task to provide knowledge and education to Shaolin disciples and novices in Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.
Being representative of the Shaolin Temple Europe, Venerable Shi Heng Zong has great experience and teaching skills in dealing with people and their emotions and daily problems. In the past decade, Abbot Shi Heng Zong trained and taught various groups and individuals from all over the world. It is his great ability to find the suiting key to solve common and individual problems and to provide techniques derived from Buddhist and Shaolin knowledge.

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