Conflict Management and Prevention for Managers

Identifying potential conflicts of interest and/or sensitive situations is not easy. In your role of Manager or HR manager, even if you recognise these situations, do you know how to manage them before they escalate to the point where there's a real problem? This course was developed to equip you with knowledge and tools required for conflict management. Furthermore, you will learn and practice mediation technics.

9 December 2020 (ENG) - Webinar format - 9am-1pm

8 February 2021 (FR) - 9am-1pm

29 March 2021 (ENG) - 9am-1pm

14 June 2021 (ENG) - 9am-1pm

Price: 600.00 €

Duration: 4h

Language: English

Number of participants: 12



By the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • Anticipate, in their role as manager or HR manager, the early signs of a potential conflict;
  • Use practical tools in preventing a conflict and/or avoiding escalation;
  • Diagnose situations to check if they require mediation;
  • Apply different strategies for conflict resolution;
  • Mediate effectively.


  • Understanding what a conflict is.  The reasons for conflict. How does the conflict escalate?
  • Different reactions to the conflict.
  • Conflict mediation: steps in conflict handling.
  • Skills required for conflict mediation: active listening, non-violent communication and tips for being an effective mediator.

Target audience

Leaders, managers, HR managers.

Our lead experts

Our lead experts

This training is coordinated by Bénédicte Burioni, Partner, People & Organisation for PwC Luxembourg.
Bénédicte Burioni has mainly developed her career in Human Resources, people development and management consulting in the industrial, consulting and funds sectors as well as in the public sector.
She held a variety of human resource positions and developed her expertise in recruitment, people assessment and development, outplacement, HR governance and performance coaching.
The projects she worked on also included the strategic redeployment of various institutions, the shutdown of production units in Luxembourg and related social plan and the set up of a European Logistics centre.

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