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Blockchain and distributed ledgers

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology has the potential to transform various activities that are fundamental to our businesses such as payments, back-office processes, contracts and agreements, record keeping, reconciliation and settlement. In fact, this transformation could already be witnessed thanks to the efforts of numerous financial institutions, industries, governments, as well as major stakeholders of the technology sector in exploring the opportunities, risks associated, and in evolving the overall domain. Such developments are bound to generate higher adoption of the blockchain technology in the near future.

In this context, you may face challenges such as the following:

  • Which blockchain uses cases could transform my business processes and improve transparency and trust across the value chain?
  • What is the impact of joining the blockchain ecosystem comprising my partners and/or clients?
  • What tokenization will change in my current business?
  • How to develop a Decentralised Application?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • Which set of tools are useful to track assets?

PwC Luxembourg has developed a course that will help you in gaining in-depth awareness and in tapping the real potential of this disruptive domain. For this course, we have combined our unique blockchain expertise with our depth of industry knowledge so that you could kick-start and accelerate your blockchain strategy in a robust and effective manner.

Price: 1050.00 €

Duration: 7h

Language: Available in English and French.

Number of participants: max. 20


By the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge on the fundamental concepts of the blockchain technology;
  • Have hands-on experience on useful practical aspects such as:
    • Using and interacting with blockchain platforms
    • Building Decentralised Applications
    • Managing security.
  • Thoroughly understand the properties that could make positive impact to businesses including:
    • Transparency and trust
    • Disintermediation
    • Automation and costs savings
    • Innovative business cases.


  • Blockchain 101 
    • Fundamental concepts;
    • Network and infrastructure model;
    • Data management in blockchain and distributed ledgers;
    • Design choices to meet your business goals: public, private, permissioned and permissionless blockchains;
    • Smart contracts;
    • State of the art blockchain platforms.
  • Blockchain and Crypto-assets:
    • How they are linked to each other;
    • Crypto-assets and tokenisation deep-dive;
    • Practical and hands-on sessions;


  • Security, privacy and data protection in the blockchain context;
  • Business cases and impact
    • An overview of different business cases will be provided; we will then deep-dive into use cases that are relevant to your industry and, where possible, study:
      • The “as-is” business case and its challenges; 
      • “Future-state” with blockchain technology;
      • Analysis of opportunities and limitations.
  • Hands-on practical aspects (e.g., tools to setup and start running your blockchain/decentralised applications).


Target audience

This course is designed as a comprehensive primer, requiring minimal previous knowledge of the blockchain technology, and addresses the topics that relate to:

  • Business Managers;
  • C-suite Officers;
  • Digital Transformation Managers / Chief Technology Officers;
  • Digital Innovators, R&D, Software Developers.

Our lead experts

  • Thomas Campione
  • Ravi Jhawar
  • Yohan Maurin
  • Other experts for specific topics.

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PwC's Academy, Crystal Park Building, PwC Luxembourg

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