Are you ready to give your annual compliance training?

As Chief Compliance Officer or part of the compliance function at Banks and PFS, you are bombarded with an ever-growing number of regulatory requirements. Your day to day is overloaded on anticipating, identifying, assessing and then controlling them to make your entity compliant. Time is flying and is not sufficient to provide an annual compliance training tailored, up to date, oriented on business and operational impacts. 

Indeed, the annual compliance training is never seen as the most important one, but have you been prepared to give it? Have you thought about changing the format, changing the content? Do you perceive the annual training as an opportunity to have an open discussion with all the employee of your entity and to provide key message influencing their daily work? 

Thanks to our expertise in the function as such and in giving training, we would like to share our experience to allow you to be ready for your annual compliance training.

14 December 2020 (ENG) - Webinar format - 2pm-4pm

Price: 300.00 €

Duration: 2h

Language: English, French

Number of participants: max. 10


Our training is focused on:

  • Answering a regulatory requirement;
  • Giving content framework taken into consideration the regulatory and business impacts
  • Giving concrete example of what should be IN or NOT in the content
  • Giving pragmatic approach on the annual compliance training

By the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • Combine regulatory and operational perspective
  • Identify the key elements to include in the annual compliance training
  • Make an effective and efficient annual training


Training around 3 dimensions: 

  • Regulatory dimension in order to highlight the key regulatory focus to present during the annual training
  • Operation / Business dimension in order to tackle the problematic of your attendance and then to provide to them the key message that influence their day to day
  • Pedagogic dimension in order to provide good training / deliver key message / build slide, etc.

Target audience

  • Chief Compliance Officer 
  • Compliance officer

Our lead experts

  • Cécile Liégeois
  • Isabelle Melcion
  • Celine Troquet
  • Franck Pansera
  • Audrey Grelli

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Tel: +352 49 48 48 4040

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