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With its strategic location at the heart of Europe and its stable tax system, Luxembourg is the ideal platform from which to implement the estate planning strategy best suited to your requirements.

PwC Luxembourg has extensive experience in the area and offers a wide range of services that help ensure your wealth is managed effectively. We also rely on our global network of professionals to help you meet your needs.

Our multitalented team supports you in the steps you need to take and can suggest innovative, suitable solutions to help you protect and develop your wealth.


Our services

Private wealth

In an increasingly globalised and complex economic and political environment, you are looking for suitable solutions to help you preserve and manage your private wealth, whether you have invested in securities or real estate.

Our experts can help you find solutions which are suited to your requirements and which comply with tax regulations in relevant countries while keeping costs down.

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At a time where most European countries apply budgetary pressure, entrepreneurs are increasingly called upon to make up for various expenses usually covered by governments.

While it is true that the very essence of a company is to create value, it is also imperative that the remuneration of this added value can be reinvested in society and / or repatriated to the entrepreneur. This helps secure the future of businesses and helps keep the entrepreneurial spirit strong.
With our various lines of services, our ambition is to help you maximising your earnings and optimising your income on a global scale.

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Estate planning

You don't want to think about it?
You don't see the point of wondering about it?
You won't be here to face the consequences anyway!
Your heirs will do just fine without you!

Several people have made those comments.

If only my father had thought about it sooner.
Why didn't he think about it?
It was always a sore subject!
I won't be able to pay the inheritance taxes without selling the company.
We siblings don't get along!

Heirs often make this kind of comments.

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Athletes, artists and fashion models

The sport, art and fashion industries have developed significantly over the past few years. Those developments have created numerous opportunities for the various players in those markets. However, one should bear in mind that the careers of athletes, artists and fashion models are subject to specific constraints, particularly because they are usually brief, they involve a large number of trips and stays abroad and because the income generated tends to fluctuate significantly.

The services we offer help you manage your assets efficiently and ensure that you preserve them while concentrating on your career.

We also advise agents of athletes, artists and fashion models as well as investors who operate in those markets.

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Family Offices

Luxembourg is an attractive place for Family Offices looking to address the need to manage wealth and family businesses.

Luxembourg offers the following features:

  • Efficient financial platform
  • Skilled multilingual workforce
  • Neutral, flexible and business-friendly authorities
  • Suitable market size for market studies
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Favourable tax framework
  • Attractive IP framework
  • Easy access to decision-makers
  • Easy exit processes

PwC Luxembourg offers specific services in order to assist Family Offices in their daily operations and in complex, large-scale assignments:

  • Income tax advice and compliance
    • Analysis of domestic and cross-border tax matters for high net worth individuals
    • Cross-border tax planning – inbound and outbound planning
    • Ongoing tax advice
    • Income tax return preparation
  • Wealth transfer planning and compliance
    • Formulating objectives
    • Estate, gift and trust income tax planning and compliance
    • Coordination with other advisors
  • Lifestyle planning
    • Aircraft / boat ownership
    • Multiple residences

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