John Parkhouse builds a new Leadership Team for PwC Luxembourg

Press Release, 3 April 2019

It is with great pleasure that PwC Luxembourg announces the new Country Leadership Team (CLT), which was approved by the firm partners on 26 February 2019. This new leadership team is the perfect illustration of the 3 key drivers guiding PwC partnership: business centricity, diversity and collective mind-set. The freshly appointed members have taken legally office as of 2 April 2019.

Composed of eight members, this new Leadership Team also reflects an excellent balance of solid experience and newer members. Their mission is to focus very firmly on driving forward PwC’s position in the market place as well as providing leadership for the ongoing transformation they need to ensure.


Members of the PwC Luxembourg Leadership Team include,

  • John Parkhouse, CEO
  • Rima Adas, Deputy
  • Marie-Elisa Roussel, Assurance Leader
  • François Génaux, Advisory Leader
  • Gerard Cops, Tax Leader
  • François Mousel, Clients and Markets Leader
  • Olivier Carré, Financial Sector Leader
  • Anne-Sophie Preud’homme, Operations Leader

Careful consideration went into the selection of our Country Leadership Team. With business sustainability a critical factor in our strategy at PwC Luxembourg, we made sure we chose a team with a strong diverse character because that is key to future proofing. It raises productivity and reinforces collaboration that supports successful and continuous transformation. Our new CLT is diverse not only in terms of years of experience and industry sectors but also in terms of gender and nationality (LU, UK, FR, BE). It is not without a sense of excitement that we make this announcement today and ready ourselves to get to work.” John Parkhouse. Territory Senior Partner, CEO.

PwC Luxembourg will continue to solve important problems for the business community and society. We innovate globally on our core growth priorities. We want to offer the best mix of human and technological savoir-faire to support our clients who are facing new challenges, and to contribute to the economic development of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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