Second edition of PwC Cybersecurity Day

Press Release, 26 September 2017

• European and international experts to come to Luxembourg on 19 October 2017
• Ten innovative technological solutions on stage
• Objectives: exchange, debate and learn about the latest developments in Cybersecurity

The latest cyber-attacks recorded this year have shed new light on the main factors that threaten the performance of today’s companies. Besides their extensive media coverage, they’ve rapidly become disruptive events scrutinised by economic decision-makers. The Global FM Index 2017, published in May by one of the world's leading insurance companies, ranks 130 countries and territories for the fourth consecutive year according to the companies’ resilience to events likely to disrupt their businesses. Three new confidence factors have emerged in this index, including the identification of potentially vulnerable suppliers or clients in terms of data processing.

"Cybersecurity strategy within an efficient digital transformation of a company contributes to its success and reputation as well as its attractiveness. We further understand the importance of cross-border collaboration for the sake of e-safety and the merits of our event" says Vincent Villers, partner at PwC Luxembourg and Cybersecurity Leader.

Building strategic partnerships, bringing together international experts in Luxembourg

For the second time in Luxembourg, the PwC Cybersecurity Day will bring together influential players from the cyber-industry. Business leaders, private and public decision-makers, investors or cybersecurity specialists will endeavour, through leading keynotes, interactive workshops or business meetings, to strengthen the fight against cybercrime and to find efficient solutions to current and future challenges from a national, European and international perspective.

Collaborative platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics or Artificial Intelligence will provide the background of the second edition of the PwC Cybersecurity Day and how to address the security challenges arising from this environment. Graham Cluley - Security Analyst, Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Senior Analyst at Wikistrat and TEDx speaker, Philippe Vannier, President of ECSO (European Cyber ​​Security Organisation), Mourad Yesayan, Head of European Operations at Paladin Capital or Yanir Laubshtein, Global Director of Strategy and Transformation at PwC Israel, will share the stage with leading Luxembourg players to tackle cybersecurity issues in an increasingly digitised national economy.

We’ll have seven international keynotes on stage, followed by five workshops facilitating a global understanding of cybersecurity issues at European level and in the Grand Duchy. What should we learn from the latest massive attacks, how to secure IoT, what training programmes to implement to develop our teams and talents? These are just some of the hot topics that we’ll deal with during our Cybersecurity Day," adds Vincent Villers.

The event will also unveil the findings of PwC annual Global State of Information Security Survey and its practical implications for the European market.

Promoting and accelerating innovation: ten next-gen technologies on stage

Just like last year, the PwC Cybersecurity Day will give the chance to ten selected international companies to showcase their innovative technology solutions in the field of cybersecurity in front of over 200 private or public sector leaders or investors.

Alsid (France)

Alsid designs transparent and cost-effective solutions which aim at disrupting cyberattacks by defending the Active Directory (AD) infrastructures that support companies' most vital assets.

Although very varied in their primo-intrusion tactics, all modern cyberattacks leverage at some point AD security gaps to elevate its privileges and reach their targets. By defending this common denominator, Alsid prevents all opponents' raids at once.

Alsid already protects more than 600,000 users without impacting their daily job.

Axiomatics (Sweden)

Axiomatics is the premier vendor of dynamic authorisation, delivered with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). Axiomatics' solutions are utilised by Global Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to enable digital transformation and meet the complexity of today's access control: balancing IP protection with information sharing, privacy and compliance requirements, and secure customer-centric modernisation. Axiomatics' dynamic authorisation suite can be used throughout an IT environment: for applications, databases, Big Data, APIs and micro services.

BioCatch (Israel)

BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioural biometrics, analysing human-device interactions to protect users and precious data. Founded in 2011 by experts in neural science research, machine learning and cybersecurity, BioCatch is used by banks and other enterprises to reduce online fraud and protect against cyber threats, without compromising user experience. With an unparalleled patent portfolio and deployments at major companies worldwide that cover tens of millions of users to date, BioCatch has established itself as the industry leader for behavioural biometrics.

Cyber Trap Software (Austria)

CyberTrap offers Deception technology as a managed cloud service. CyberTrap takes the pre-emptive approach by operating behind the enterprise firewall acting as additional protective layer on top of the existing security measures.

Using deceits such as lures pointing to virtual decoys, we lead attackers to our trap - a controlled environment where all activities are contained and analysed. Companies gain vital business intelligence revealing attacker motives, goals, techniques and procedure.


CYR3CON™ (Cyber Reconnaissance, Inc.) is a next-generation cyber threat intelligence company – in that it not only gathers information, but also uses advanced techniques to make that information actionable.

By combining machine learning and dark web data, CYR3CON™ predicts exploit usage, identifies emerging risks, and protects corporate identities. CYR3CON™ enables corporate security professionals the means to take early action and avoid cyber-threats. CYR3CON™ - Be in the know, now. ™

Excalibur (Poland)

Excalibur utilises the mobile phone as a secure hardware token for all enterprise authentication and authorisation needs. Our mission is to eliminate passwords and replace them seamlessly with strong but user friendly phone-based multi-factor authentication. Excalibur’s unique value proposition is in providing backward compatibility with all the applications, Operating Systems and services the enterprise uses today - creating a bridge between the password-based present and password-free future.

L7 Defense (Israel)

L7 Defense has developed a breakthrough technology named Ammune™ that can automatically mitigate Advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks also for IoT scale in real time and with a close to zero rate of errors, without prior knowledge of the attack details or any human intervision.

SQR Systems Limited (United Kingdom)

SQR Systems has developed a secure communications platform for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT).

Our patented technology helps organisations meet regulations and optimise data in encrypted form for end-to-end security and higher data quality over unpredictable networks.

Stratus Digital Systems Inc. (USA)

Stratus represents a paradigm shift in how business units and security teams address their largest risk factor of cybercrime, by targeting "Time". At present, companies and organisations are continuously exposed to the internet via network servers web apps.

We significantly reduce this vulnerability by limiting cybercrime exposure to the session time a given user engages corporate servers and apps. Stratus collapses the risk window; from continuous, to day, hours or minutes, through our delivery of unique instances of servers and apps during each transaction period.

Wallix (France)

Wallix is a software company offering privileged access management, compliance, and traceability solutions.

Wallix have succeeded in combining the three core requirements of managing privileged users, password management, access control and traceability, into a single easy to deploy solution - The WALLIX Bastion. Today more than 400 organisations have chosen Wallix to secure their information systems.


"Two of these companies will receive the Most Promising Company Award and the Jury Award. It’s a great opportunity for them to showcase their technology, meet key decision makers and even investors to expand their business in Luxembourg, in Europe and beyond, thanks to the international players present on this occasion", says Vincent Villers.

By organising this day, PwC Luxembourg is pursuing its commitment to facilitate exchanges and reflections on cybersecurity and is fully part of the Cybersecurity Week taking place from 16 to 21 October in the Grand Duchy.

The complete PwC Cyber Security Day's agenda is available here.

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