Reward & compensation services
We advise you in relation to your reward practices, policies, plans and executive compensation. We support you in the design of tax attractive solutions and provide you with assistance throughout your implementation in compliance with the regulatory framework.

Your challenges

A competitive and well designed remuneration package allows employers to optimise remuneration costs, attract employees, incentivise, retain and reward talents. It is an essential element in the achievement of business and workforce strategies.

How we can support you

CRD III/IV, Solvency II, MiFID, AIFMD Compliance

Three steps to provide you with a targeted and flexible assistance thanks to our experts in remuneration, regulatory, risk management and tax issues and solutions:

  • We establish a complete and sound diagnosis of your remuneration strategy and practices, on the basis of a close relationship;
  • We review or develop your remuneration policies and practices, in light of the European and Luxembourg regulators requirements and Luxembourg financial sector’s market practices, ensuring compliance with laws, policies and regulations (CRD IV, AIFMD, UCITS V, Solvency II);
  • We help identify and design your structure of remuneration, your incentive packages that motivate executives and drive sustainable behaviour.

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Set-up of a remuneration and nomination committee

Helping you to define the role of a remuneration committee, its composition, its operating mode (redaction of the committee charter) and the link with the other governance committees, etc.

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Structuration of remuneration

We help design tax attractive remuneration packages for executives and employees, including advice on:

  • Total reward (holiday savings account, interest subsidies, flexible complementary pension plan, company car and other);
  • Benefit schemes (including disability, life insurance and pension schemes);
  • End of career tax planning;
  • Structuring variable pay (differed bonus schemes, share/option plans, carried interest).

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Equity-based incentive schemes

PwC provides a wide range of services to address these issues.

  1. Identifying the incentive schemes that best meet your organisation’s objectives.
  2. Advising on establishing and operating incentive schemes across multiple jurisdictions, including share and option plans, restricted stock units and others.
  3. Advising on structuring to provide consistency across regions while considering tax and other issues arising locally.
  4. Advising on establishing and operating instruments which may be used as a warehouse for shares or options, such as trusts and fiduciary agreements.

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Benchmarks and Club Surveys

How we can contribute to your competitiveness

  • Compensation and benefits surveys for a wide range of positions, including executive positions.
    Aiming at helping you manage aggregate payroll expenses on focused positions initially identified by comparison with similar positions.
  • Tailored compensation benchmarks and Club Surveys on various topics.
    We conduct remuneration surveys (via questionnaires and workshops) for key positions and key topics within a selected group of employers.



Why PwC Luxembourg?

We can offer you a complete range of HR-related services-deployed globally, delivered locally throughout the world, and closely integrated with industry-specialised resources. Our solid, experienced and multidisciplinary team of experts is eager to assist you in making your optimistic reward decisions, providing you with competitive and tailored solutions responding to your needs.

It's all part of our commitment to serving you and your business needs, worldwide.


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