People Process Outsourcing (PPO)

Digitise and optimise your payroll and HR administrative functions.
Handle the impacts of your employees' life events appropriately and manage their various daily queries expertly and confidentially.
Empower your HR data: make a difference by using your data to substantiate your decisions and communicate more transparently among multiple stakeholders: CEO, HR, Finance, IT … and your People.



Your challenges

  • Keep your data safe. Keep tabs on its status, where it is held and who has processed it.
  • Get rid of the burden of high implementation costs for IT equipment and maintenance.
  • Stay focused on your competencies and delegate non-core administrative processes.
  • Benefit from a flexible solution with the relevant capacity and budget.
  • Retain control over your HR data by using data-analytics and reporting functionalities.
  • Navigate across one single platform, streamlining data input and sharing.
  • Empower your People with self-service capabilities.
  • Have support in place for all your HR administration.
  • Ride the digital transformation safely.

PPO: our flexible and cost-efficient service providing HR with operational excellence and real-time access to your HR data.

We have an INTEGRATED, DIGITAL and COMPREHENSIVE administrative HR suite that is compliant with Luxembourg requirements and aligned for you to use efficiently.

Our "People Process Outsourcing" solution is cloud-based and allows you to assign the operations and responsibilities of your HR administrative processes to PwC as a service provider.

PPO is powered by Educos and offers a scalable approach: only the functionalities that concern you need be activated, with no limitations on volume or interdependence: each module is autonomous and you are invoiced on a fee-for-service basis.

The service entails no infrastructure costs, does not require any resources and grants access to highly competitive premium HR services.



Our services

Our dedicated team will help you manage your Payroll and HR administrative activities via our online HR service platform, ensuring permanent support and complementary assistance, as shown below.

Payroll is a basic service for your staff, which is why accuracy and timeliness in paying salaries are considered clear indicators of quality and respect. Payroll services do more than just calculate salaries: they need to be able to respond to any tax or social-security questions that employees may have, and to coordinate reporting requirements with the competent authorities. This module allows you to encode and maintain the data needed to calculate salaries. It also enables you to consult and download electronic payslips and employees' annual salary certificates.

Our solution enables employees to use a self-service tool to apply, amend, cancel and receive approval/rejection for their leave requests. The administrative follow-up is significantly simplified, while giving transparency to data that is sensitive to the employee.

This functionality enables you to digitise and structure all the data and documents relating to your employees clearly and efficiently. It grants you autonomous and independent access to your HR data at all times, from both the employer's and the employee’s perspective.

It is essential that HR information can be consulted, extracted and assembled so that all the company’s decision-makers stay informed. This module gives you access to pre-formatted analytical reports serving as a barometer to monitor your HR function; standard reports that can be generated according to your needs; and customised reports tailored to your activities.

Additionnal services


Today’s global economy involves bringing the right talent to the right place.

Moving your most important resources - your people - across borders while securing work and residence permits and ensuring unimpeded business travel and research authorisations are critical business-planning issues.

Immigration planning requires a strategic approach, which means having a trusted advisor to keep you informed of changes to immigration law and their impacts.

We can assist you with immigration services for employees wherever in the world they come from. This will involve a detailed assessment of your project and of your employees’ individual circumstances, in order to define the relevant category and collate the required information.

PPO consultants provide effective, integrated immigration and payroll-tax advice - saving you time and money, and streamlining processes.

Our immigration services include:

  • Strategic planning and compliance advice
  • Immigration audits
  • Assistance with prior work filing declarations and authorisations for EU and non-EU nationals
  • Consultancy for defining the legal and decisional framework for your project
  • Work- and residence-permit applications, including senior-level support for VIP and executive cases
  • Advice on entry-permission authorisation and case-building for investors
  • Assistance with ICT work and residency applications
  • Support with secondment procedures and requests for social identification badges
  • Assistance with EU Blue Card applications
  • Applications and personalised immigration assistance for key individuals and family members
  • Advice on Schengen visas and business visitors
  • Advice on research authorisations
  • Advice on student/graduate visas and permits
  • Citizenship and long-term-residency applications

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Payroll-tax audit

Our assistance for the payroll-tax audit can be provided in an integrated approach:

  • with the Core Payroll module to help schedule, reconcile and file payroll declarations and pay taxes to the local tax authority; and
  • with the E-File module to help keep all your data together in a safe structure and compliant with the requirements governing the retention of payroll records.

Our assistance includes the following:

  • Representation and negotiating deadlines with the tax authority where necessary
  • Collecting the required payroll and accounting documents on behalf of the Company
  • Tax-compliance control frameworks and consistency review
  • Quality check of the documents and general consistency check regarding accounting transactions to identify potential tax risks
  • Preparing the forms for benefits in kind to be signed by the Company
  • Preparing explanatory notes further to the analysis if necessary
  • Preparing the introductory letter
  • Submitting the file to the competent tax authority
  • Writing an explanatory note on the final computation sent by the tax authority for further recovery/payment actions due

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Social elections

Social elections take place every five years. Through this event, your employees are involved in the process of electing the members of your company’s staff delegation.

The social election is an important event for your People.

Managing this event in an organised manner while maintaining focus on how it impacts on employee satisfaction can make a difference to your People and their work-life balance.

Our PPO consultants are by your side to help you through this process.

Our assistance services include:

  • General guidance and frameworks for a proportional-majority or proportional-representation election system, depending on the number of employees
  • Designing an action plan, including the responsibilities of the election body and listing mandatory notifications to the Inspectorate of Labour and Mines (ITM)
  • Assistance in requesting ministerial authorisation
  • Drafting formal commitments of compliance with the National Commission for Data Protection
  • Drawing up election timetables
  • Analytical reports for the active/passive electorate
  • Assistance in defining the eligibility listing
  • Assistance in drafting all related election notices and forms
  • Providing you with all material required for opening the electoral office
  • Quality-assurance check to ensure that the voting and post-electoral procedures are compliant
  • Checklists for setting up the new delegation
  • Assistance in drafting the employer’s informational presentation for the newly elected delegates
  • Calculating the mandatory working time to be granted to the staff delegates

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Operational HR assistance

  • Administrative procedures with the labour authorities
  • Coordinating medical examinations
  • Analysing the employer's compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Managing salary scales in line with applicable collective bargaining agreements
  • Providing payroll support on-site or via our helpline
  • Salary simulations (net to gross, gross to net, employer contributions)
  • Assistance with social-security and tax legislation
  • Projections and budgeting
  • Coordinating with foreign service providers in the event of a split payroll
  • Customised training sessions where needed regarding payroll, tax and HR administration
  • Tax and social-security treatment for benefits in kind (“BIK Matrix”)
  • Due diligence
  • Assistance with consistency review; upgrading time-management policies and procedures to ensure that they cover all situations and are aligned with business needs and practices and legal obligations
  • Change-management assistance when introducing new HR administration and time-management policies and procedures, including negotiations/representation with top management and key decision-makers, designing communication campaigns, and developing training materials for the deployment of newly adopted policies and procedures

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Our PPO team's mission

Our mission is to deliver value to you and your People.

What we bring to you to make a difference:

  • A partner who can assist you with your company’s day-to-day Human Capital Management ("HCM") and can help you manage/check your information and share it with the right people in a timely manner
  • An expert with an extensive knowledge of Luxembourg’s legislative requirements
  • A provider with a global reach and a proven track record
  • Availability and dedication
  • Consultants to help you assess your HR processes, from the design phase to procedural structuring and drafting of policies and guides
  • A trusted advisor to assist in the transformation of the HR role in the digital environment
  • An integrated approach tailoring practical solutions to suit your strategic and operational goals

Our team of 40 professionals offer broad expertise and work together to bring you high-quality HR services. They are acutely aware of the need for efficiency and quality to make sure your organisation can deliver the best performance.
By entrusting us with the management of all or part of your HR processes, you can rest assured that your company will comply with the relevant regulatory requirements and that your employees will be provided with a reliable, proactive service. This will help set your mind at ease and earn the respect of your staff when performing their daily tasks.

Our assistance: employee servicing

Free up your schedule for you and your HR team.

Through a simple subscription, your employees will have access to our HR service platform. Our multidisciplinary team members specialise in practical payroll and HR administrative issues and legal matters in connection with your employees' professional and personal lives (such as parental leave, tax-card requests and child benefits). After verifying the requestor's identity, our employees will respond to any questions your employees may have, by email or over the telephone.
As a company executive, you can also receive a monthly report of requests received to provide an overview of your employees' main concerns.

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