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HR is getting more and more complex and so your employees' needs.  By providing them with efficient processes and tools, you'll make the most of your people potential while increasing your organisation's performance



Make the most of your people potential

Increase your performance

Moving beyond the traditional operational role, Human Resources Leaders are being asked to turn their role into a more strategic, cost efficient and effective service delivery partnership.

We understand HR modernisation in all sectors and advise on all aspects of people sourcing and management, helping you create value through your people.

Bringing fresh perspectives

Maximising the value of resources has never been so challenging.

HR professionals and their management seek efficient processes and solutions to support their employees and business.

HR adds strong value to the business. We are willing to make it happen in partnership with you and your organisation.

To do so, we took advantage of the knowledge of our HR network to develop the right methodologies and tools to address your needs.

We bring fresh perspectives, to think differently, to develop and set up new and value adding solutions to re-engage and motivate employees to make the most of their talent.

We help activate a motivational action model in:

  • Channelling in communicating clear requirements, including job evaluation and classification, management by objectives;
  • Mobilising and helping teams to become stronger in defining a common project: vision, mission, strategies and values identification and communication;
  • Professionalising in training and developing, including performance appraisal and development processes;
  • Energising in promoting relations and recognition, including HIPO programmes, talent management and assessments.

Providing strong solutions

  • HR strategy: strategic review in line with business objectives of your company, HR effectiveness analyses to track efficiency and boost customer service.
  • Process & design: review and redesign of performance management, recruitment or onboarding with your HR processes bringing you best practices from our large international network with our experienced consultants.
  • Change Management: from training of project or management teams to complete change management project, we support your changes using best in class techniques.
  • HR IS: tailored to your needs and size. Independent to any vendor but knowledgeable on all kind of systems, we analyse your system needs, draft your blueprint and deliver the system you need.
  • Measure, Benchmark, KPI (Saratoga): design of your HR company dashboard using the largest HR database in the world- Saratoga. From talent management to mixing HR data with company economics to really enable you to drive your organisation efficiently.
  • HR interim: from short-term interim on all kind of HR functions to long-term support for small and medium sized companies, we tailor our service precisely to your needs.
  • HR audit/efficiency: use of a unique HR audit framework to screen your HR organisation and processes to ensure quality and respect of regulation.
  • Due diligence/HR transaction services: support and secure of your deal. A mix of legal check and HR analysis supported by our unique Saratoga database to value Human Capital of your target acquisition.
  • Competency model: use of both Strata and SHL frameworks to design your competency framework with you. Read more about Competency Management & Job Evaluation
  • People Engagement Survey: The PwC Employee Engagement Model provides a core driver framework and statistical method for measuring levels of employee engagement and for establishing linkages to key performance drivers.

We work both in the public services and industrial field and have dedicated model fitting your culture and specific company environment. Job grading, using the Strata methodology, is an easy to apply model already adopted by many companies in Luxemburg and in the world.


Why PwC Luxembourg?

Our experience comes from the business. As HR transformation advisers, we can assist you with the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities required to change your HR function and move towards a real partnership with business. We want to share beliefs and values. We deliver common sense solutions on remuneration, engagement, employment relationship, leadership, environment, remote working, international mobility, talent management and retention, audit of HR departments & services. We help you find the right people and assist you in putting them at the right place.
We are also part of the main HR professional network in the world. So we can rely on specialists, tools and methodologies which have proven to be successful around the world.

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