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From redundancy to personal growth
The continued economic downturn in the past two years has led many companies to freeze hiring and cut jobs through redundancy plans. Redundancy can cause people a lot of distress and personal worry. However, once the initial shock has been overcome, redundant employees can look at it as an opportunity for personal growth. The important thing is to use the time productively, seek out opportunities and see it as just another challenge to take up and also as a chance to open new doors.

Your challenges

In an individual or collective redundancy process, an outplacement programme is an efficient solution to:

  • Make sure that the lay-off is handled professionally and with dignity;
  • Support the redundant employees in the transition process;
  • Offer them a personalised programme according to individual needs;
  • Demonstrate care and consideration towards the people who are made redundant;
  • Help them define a new professional project;
  • Act in a socially responsible way;
  • Mitigate your reputation risk, maintain a positive corporate image and enhance employer brand outside the organisation.

How we can help

The main objective of outplacement is to define the outplacees' new professional objectives and to develop an individual career action plan. Our Human Resources experts will support redundant employees throughout their career transition.

We can provide them with a framework to develop a strategy and design a career action plan in line with their values, competencies and skills.


The outplacees will:

  • Analyse their current situation and how to handle the transition;
  • Understand how their values, beliefs and motivators drive their career;
  • Identify their competencies, skills, interests and talents;
  • Define a new career path and a related action plan;
  • Prepare a communication strategy based on their personal brand;
  • Implement the career action plan with the support of our Human Resources experts and of our worldwide network.


Our five-phase methodology

Our methodology integrates both strong experience from our consultants and previous clients, as well as the latest insights in career management and the local labour market.

  • Acknowledge and understand the situation;
  • Assess individuals to establish a personal and professional profile;
  • Plan by defining new professional objectives and a career plan;
  • Prepare the implementation of the career action plan;
  • Achieve by launching and implementing the career action plan.

Why PwC Luxembourg?

Our experience comes from the business. As HR transformation advisers, we can assist you in the implementation of a tailored career transition methodology designed for your employees to meet the specific needs of your company. PwC's career transition methodology is built around personalised sessions and material. Our experts will help outplacees remodel their professional e-reputation via social media and will assist them trough the administrative processes and procedures. Cross-industry PwC consultants will be involved in the interview simulations depending on their areas of expertise (finance, risks, compliance, IT, HR, marketing, etc.). We want to share beliefs and values.

PwC Luxembourg Human Resource Services can rely on more than 80 Human Resources specialists, together with specific tools and methodologies which have proven to be successful around the world. Our delivery team speaks 6 languages: French, English, German, Luxembourgish, Spanish and Dutch. PwC Luxembourg can count on a strong network within the financial industry. We can also handle large projects internally and deliver them with internal resources. For those interested in redefining a professional project on an international level, PwC's global network can also support you in planning a new career internationalisation.

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