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Attract and retain your people
The Human Resource Services work with clients willing to make their people a sustainable source of competitive advantage. As HR advisers with strong business experience, we help you find the right people and assist you to put them at the right place.
Making the best use of your talent plays an essential role in retaining employees in the current economic and social market climate.

How we can help

  • Planning for the future
  • Identifying, assessing developing and retaining collaborators
  • Accompanying your employees in taking up new challenges
  • Revisiting leadership and development programmes

Our services

We have developed a set of new HR tools, namely Assessment and Coaching, that are designed to help you concentrate on developing your human capital in the centre of your organisation.


The assessment is a tool for measuring the skills, motivations and potential of an employee in line with the requirements of the position, department and organisation. It can be used for recruitment, internal mobility, talent management or the development of a training plan.

"Our clients use assessments to professionalise and make their recruitment, advancement as well as development processes more objective. By doing so, they limit the risks of high-priced mistakes and know better their human capital in order to optimise competencies."


In addition to technical expertise, an organisation's success ultimately depends on skills related to attitudes and behaviours. In order to accompany people in their personal development, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions including:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Communication and Interpersonal skills Coaching

"The main advantage of the Coaching programme is that it allows a targeted approach with a regular follow-up."


Why PwC Luxembourg?

PwC Luxembourg relies on a team of experts able to transfer their knowledge, believes and values to help starting and developing any team.

PwC's certified professionals and recognised experts can deliver appropriate assessments and development solutions on the basis of a wide range of tools and methodologies (SHL, Insights, Eneagramme, and MBTI).


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