Threats and Vulnerabilities

Threats and vulnerabilities

Nearly every company now relies on information technology as an essential tool for meeting its business objectives. In doing so, however, enterprises must also contend with the various threats and vulnerabilities associated with today’s computing environment. A threat can be defined as any event that might prevent or inhibit an organisation’s ability to meet its objectives. Given these exposures, an effective strategy for threat and vulnerability management must include an integrated, proactive approach to protection.

Business issues

Lack of attention to security threats and vulnerabilities can produce the following ramifications:

  • Increase in threats and vulnerabilities;
  • Greater potential for exploitation;
  • Insufficiency of basic network protection strategy;
  • Technology concerns;
  • Increased number of hacker attacks;
  • More sophisticated and numerous attacks;
  • Risk multiplier effect (both threats and vulnerabilities increasing).

Our services include

  • Penetration testing
    • External scenario execution (conducted through the Internet);
    • Internal scenario execution (conducted through LAN);
    • Web Application Penetration Test;
    • Wireless (WiFi);
    • Vulnerability assessment;
    • Abuse through phone: Wardialing /Analogic phones (Modem, Fax);
    • and so on (this list is not complete as our experts are continuously "on the lookout").
  • Social Engineering protection assessment;
  • Incident response management;
  • Physical penetration testing;
  • Awareness;
  • Other services: malicious program detection (computer forensics), security configuration review (audit), etc.

Penetration Testing

penetration testing

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Social engineering
protection assessment