Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management

When crisis strikes, it’s not enough for your company just to get back on its feet. You need long-term resiliency.

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s imperative for businesses to rethink their contingency planning. Transformed global business and operations strategies add new interruption risks to existing risk portfolios. Building resilient and recoverable operations is more difficult to implement when the storm is approaching and time is precious.

We regard Business Continuity Management as an essential element of risk management. It helps provide organisational resilience and mitigates a wide range of risks. In conjunction with Enterprise-wide Risk Management, BCM helps companies uncover critical risks, quantify the impact of business interruptions, and take preparatory actions to reduce risk impact.

Perhaps your leadership and board members are already asking questions such as:

  • Are we aware about business continuity risks, and potential impacts to the organization? Is the organization missing some key risks?
  • What is the operational loss (including opportunity loss) related to the interruption of our services and critical functions?
  • Is our business continuity program effectively responding to a risk management strategy providing value to my organization?
  • Are we ready to recover from business interruption risk events publically disclosed to our investors?
  • Which critical business functions and applications / infrastructure should recovery efforts be focused on?
  • Do our suppliers have viable continuity plans that protect us in their time of crisis?
  • How well can our suppliers pivot to support us in our time of crisis?
  • Does our IT disaster recovery program support our operational recovery and resiliency requirements?

In order to help your organisation to build and improve the capability to respond to and cope with disruptions to their business we offer the following set of tailored services and solutions that certainly will provide you value.

Enhance Business Continuity Risks Management

Our team can help you:

  • Understand your business objectives and identify the business interruption risks;
  • Assess and quantify relevant business interruption risks and propose adequate mitigation and recovery measures;
  • Conduct a gap analysis comparing your business continuity strategy scope to key risks and company risk appetite;
  • Explore whether risk and business continuity could be integrated under one strategic framework;

Risk management and business continuity are often treated as two separate disciplines. Integrating them not only saves time and money, it increases your organisation’s resilience.

Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

Our team can help you:

  • Implement an business continuity framework, including:
    • BCM policy, roles and responsibilities before, during and after the crisis;
    • Processes to implement and maintain BCM capability;
  • Develop a BIA business impact analysis in order to:
    • Identify and quantify operational loss (including opportunity loss) of business interruptions and other related impacts: ie: legal, reputational, and strategic;
    • Understand your business recovery priorities;
    • Identify recovery times objectives (RTO) and data loss tolerance;
    • Recovery Point Objectives (RPO);
    • Identification of key activities and corresponding applications / infrastructure in place to support these activities;
    • Identify interdependences and critical suppliers.
  • Develop appropriated business continuity strategies, according to risk appetite and cost benefit analysis;
  • Develop a new plan or improve existing incomplete or out of date plans;
  • Develop a plan for an specific scenario (e.g. Pandemia);
  • Develop succession plans for critical personnel;
  • Develop plans or agreements with critical suppliers;
  • Assist in selecting the BCM software to implement your Business Continuity Management System.

IT Disaster Recovery

Our team can help you:

  • Understand your ITDR needs;
  • Develop an appropriate end to end ITDR capability for your organisation;
  • Conduct gaps analysis of your ITDR compared to business needs and risk management strategy;
  • Review the effectiveness of existing ITDR arrangements;
  • Provide assurance during an IT tendering process for third party ITDR provision;
  • Align your ITDR plans with your business continuity arrangements;
  • Help you realistically test your ITDR capability;
  • Help you interpret and apply regulatory or best practise requirements;
  • Perform ITDR risk analysis to help you reduce the likelihood of an ITDR event;
  • Assess ICT readiness for business continuity according to international standards requirements BS 25777 and ISO 27031.

Crisis Management

Our team can help you:

  • Build capability at all levels of your organisation by putting the right structure, people, processes, skills and tools in place to manage crisis effectively;
  • Review your existing arrangements to develop capability and embed standards for crisis management throughout your organization;
  • Practice crisis management during realistic exercises and simulations.

A poorly managed crisis can affect the organization more severely than the event itself. Some companies never recover.

BCM Maintainance and Continuous Improvement

Our team can help you:

  • Organise business continuity awareness training throughout your organisation adapted to the intended population;
  • Design tailored trainings to the audiences required, with different expert levels required, and according to best practices BCI and DRII;
  • Develop change management processes and tools to maintain up-to-date BC plans when required by organizational and BC requirements changes;
  • Create a rehearsal program across the organization;
  • Develop and deliver an exercising and rehearsal strategy;
  • Design and deliver bespoke and highly realistic exercises;
  • Design or optimise business continuity processes through automation. We can advise you to build and implement required tools in order to make BCM processes and maintenance more efficient;
  • Assist in assessing the BCP capability of your third party providers.

BCM Program Maturity and Compliance

Our team can help you:

  • Conduct a gap analysis comparing the scope of your current business continuity plans to business priorities and risk management strategy;
  • Identify your business continuity maturity, based in BCMM and internal PwC maturity models;
  • Assessments of BCM compliance with international standards (ISO 22301 / 22313);
  • Conduct a gap analysis comparing your business continuity strategy to market laws and regulations, and identify the necessary corrective actions to be taken;
  • Design or optimise business continuity processes through automation;
  • Enhance business continuity incident processes;
  • Implement the KPIs and process to measure BCM program effectiveness;
  • Determine how to integrate business continuity into corporate governance.

A strong BCM program should be pragmatic, consider the business scope and culture and have integrated components (incident/crisis management, disaster recovery, business continuity) and involved key teams from across the organization to work together in preparing and responding.

We aim to leave you with a solution that is sustainable, and embedded within the fabric of your organisation so that future incidents can be managed effectively.