Global Fund Distribution Poster - 2017 edition

The PwC Market Research Centre has just released the 18th edition of its annual Global Fund Distribution Poster. Since its first edition, the annual poster has become a reference tool for asset managers who need a quick overview of the global cross-border fund market.

Global Fund Distribution 2016 - Poster (March 2016)
Global Fund Distribution 2017 - Poster (March 2017)
Global Fund Distribution 2017 - Printer-Friendly (March 2017)
Global Fund Distribution Poster - Printer-friendly version

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This year again, you can access a selection of data from the paper version directly on your smartphone, tablet or laptop: check the key findings on the go, anywhere and at any time by having a look at our web-based platform, and discover additional contents, including the points of view of our Partners.

Global Fund Distribution 2017 - Printer-Friendly (March 2017)
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A comprehensive multi-jurisdictional "turn- key" solution for ETFs (UCITS or AIFs), combining a quick and efficient market entry and stockexchange listing. A trusted advisor for your ongoing audit, reporting, registration and listing-maintenance activities, all fully managed by a central PwC team in Luxembourg and supported by our integrated global network of ETF experts.

Whether you are looking to set foot in a country for the first time or just to extend your global footprint starting with the right strategy is key!

The previous years have confirmed a phenomenal growth in the global ETF market. As it's now reaching a mature level, there's a slight slowing down. The AuM of the EU domiciled ETFs grew from EUR 420.2 billion in March 2015 to EUR 439.7 billion in June 2016, which is a very modest grow (4.6%) compared to the last year(45.8 %).

A comprehensive multijurisdictional "turn-key" solution for UCITS and non-UCITS ETFs, combining quick and efficient market entry and stock-exchange listing, together with ongoing maintenance activities, all fully managed by a central GFD team in Luxembourg and supported by our integrated PwC global network ETF experts.

The global ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) industry continues to experience rapid change, presenting both opportunities and challenges. We highlighted a number of key themes in our successful publication called "ETF 2020: Preparing for a new horizon", including global growth, regulations, distribution channels, technology and investor education. Building upon these ETF 2020 themes, throughout this paper, we highlight insights gained from our latest ETF survey as well as PwC perspectives on key developments which will help drive further ETF growth, including products, markets and distribution. Successful ETF firms will capitalise on these opportunities, address challenges and differentiate themselves from increasingly crowded markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

3W - Our integrated Watch services

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Do you have US investors in your fund? A question you have probably heard all too frequently as the topic of FATCA continues to gain in popularity. However, beyond the scope of FATCA, providing your US investors with the right US tax reporting allows them to properly optimise their US tax return filings.

The ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) market is growing at a rapid pace. Growing far beyond their initial function of tracking large liquid indices in developed markets, ETFs now hold over $2.6 trillion of assets globally. ETFs are no longer a niche product, and their impact will continue to be felt much more widely than imagined. As such, all financial services firms should consider developing an ETF strategy. In this report, we have surveyed asset managers, service providers and other industry participants around the world in an effort to better understand regional developments in ETFs and use their expertise as a sounding board for our own perspectives. To help asset managers prepare to compete in this fast changing environment, we have considered the ongoing evolution, barriers to growth and the opportunities that lie ahead, and how they can plan for 2020.

Global Fund Distribution - Services

In an increasingly globalised world, it’s important to maximise the potential of any investment fund by looking beyond the domestic marketplace. PwC Luxembourg’s dedicated cross-border fund distribution team has the knowledge, experience and key connections to help you create a successful distribution strategy, achieve a quick and efficient market entry and ensure your funds remain in compliance with all host countries regulatory and tax reporting requirements.

Global Fund Distribution Services for AIFMs - Get your passport ready for the summer

On 22 July 2013 starts a new way to sell non-UCITS funds across the European Union. As from July, European AIFMs will be able to use a marketing passport to distribute European based AIFs within the European Union. In 2015, European AIFMs may have the possibility to use the marketing passport for non European AIFs. Finally, in 2018 only the AIFMD passport may be used with National Private Placement Regimes being eliminated.

Global Fund Distribution: German Tax Reporting

Despite various harmonisation initiatives in Europe, e.g. UCITs IV, tax reporting is still a very long way behind. Germany is a major distribution country for UCITs and non-UCITs funds and it also turns out to have one of the most complex and intricate tax reporting regime for investment funds. Germany is the only country requiring a third party to issue a statement on the accuracy of the tax figures.