Incident Response and Forensic Technology

Information Technology is everywhere, serving both personal and professional purposes. Sensitive and Private Information is exchanged 24 hours a day between companies, state administrations, people, etc. A negative consequence of this development is the proliferation of new forms of fraud, corruption and other criminal activities.

A suspicion of Fraud is always considered a significant incident for reputational and financial aspects; it is thus crucial to be able to confirm or refute this suspicion. To that end, companies have to investigate an enormous quantity of paperwork and digital data.


  • Suspicions of fraud, corruption or other breaches of compliance;
  • Analysis of large amounts of electronic data according to specific criteria;
  • Regulatory request;
  • Internet and e-mail abuse;
  • Data leakage or network breaches;
  • Malware infection.

How we can support you

Our Forensic Technology Solutions (FTS) team will help you identify unwanted activities in your digital infrastructure, understand what happened in your systems and define responsibilities. With the latest forensic software, equipment and competencies, we are able to manage vast amounts of electronic data and navigate the legal and business processes that are mandatory in case of critical issues.

→ You do not have to face problems alone; we can assist you in gathering evidence to go to court or to prove your honesty to the authorities.

Types of services:

  • Preserving and capturing data
  • Conducting financial and/or non-financial compliance investigations;
  • Reviewing or analysing the data and making it available for legal counsel to review;
  • Producing relevant data as part of electronic disclosure;
  • Proactive review to minimize risks and costs.

Our Integrated Forensic Technology Solutions


The collection, processing, review and production of electronic documents (un-structured data) to resolve investigations and legal concerns.

Examples: E-mail review, OCR, office document research, key word search, etc.

Data Analytics

Process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling structured data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting decision making.

Examples: review of General ledger, ERP data, etc.

Computer Forensics

Scientific examination and analysis of recovered (active, deleted, corrupted, hidden or partially overwritten) data from electronic media in such a way that the information can be used as evidence in court cases. Cyber-Security and incident management are part of our computer forensics services.

Examples: imaging of disk, password cracking, Malware research, etc.