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"There are risks and costs to any program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Following volatile and fragile economic trends and at a time when our economic model is being redesigned, public and private entities alike are exposed to fraud risks as shown by the seemingly never-ending stream of headlines describing financial statements frauds, asset misappropriations, and legal violations.

Although Luxembourg is a highly regulated and politically stable country, fraudsters are usually where you least expect them. At a time when fraud, corporate responsibility regulations and deterrent measures are being reinforced, fraud can have a dramatic impact on businesses. It can damage business reputation; result in high penalties, a suspension of the right to do business, private law suits and disruptions of business.

When financial crime of fraud occurs in companies, those charged with governance are faced with issues which differ from those they are used to handle.

Our team can help you anticipate fraud and prevent a crisis or be by your side to find out what really is happening when you suspect the worst. Our forensic investigators, accounting professionals, computer forensic specialists, engineers and other experts can support you in investigating, analysing and resolving a potential crisis as well as preventing a bigger one.

We have a team of Luxembourg based, well established experts with diverse industry and international backgrounds. We can assist you in dealing with fraud and financial crime here in Luxembourg, but also cover operations beyond our country. We understand your business as we have specialists in a variety of sectors such as asset management, banking, operational companies, and insurance. We can help in relation to various subjects for instance, bribery and corruption, tax or accounting fraud.

Our teams also fully appreciate the need for absolute confidentiality of businesses established in a small country like Luxembourg where interactivity between businesses and individuals is at its highest level.



Michael Weis

Michael Weis
Partner, Forensic Services and Financial Crime Leader
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