at the forefront of financial innovation

FinTech at the forefront of financial innovation

The financial services sector is in the nascent stage of digital transformation. Its main functions are the same today as they were yesterday: people use financial services to exchange money, to save or invest, to finance, or to insure against risk. All financial services are a response to these basic needs - this will not change. What is changing, though, is the way these needs are being addressed.


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Our solutions

With technologies come many new services, but also many new challenges. Thanks to our long experience servicing the financial industry and our expertise in IT integration, we can help traditional financial institutions and FinTech companies take their business to the next level.

Think about it as a digital database, a distributed ledger that can automatically validate and register transactions so that nobody can delete them.

This is the technology underlying cryptocurrencies and it can have many other applications which have the potential to disrupt a wide variety of business processes.

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More than ever, innovation impacts your business. DeNovo empowers decision makers by instantly translating data, information, and knowledge into the wisdom to adopt the right business strategies.

DeNovo is a new platform focused on the impact of FinTech innovation on Financial Services firms.

It's not all about the technology. To make informed decisions and monetise the data collected, you need to understand it. We can help you become more effective in managing your data, ensuring its quality, monitoring risk and keeping your market intelligence in check.

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Customers demand easy and effective payment solutions. But financial services regulations are complex. We can guide you through the complexity, so you can focus on your clients.

Reliable data, system resiliency, security best practises... You need to be ready to face any incident. Our IT and forensics experts are here to help you define and implement your Information Risk Management strategy, Personal Data Management, eDiscovery, AML/eKYC,etc.

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Our Accelerator programme is designed to find next-gen companies and help them go global faster and smarter. We offer them a variety of proven solutions to support their global growth: privileged access to the most relevant markets, thanks to our worldwide network of Accelerators, the best international talents and the most appropriate financing solutions.

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We can support you in becoming more agile and flexible by adapting your organisation and processes to digital business models, as well as to catalyst regulatory changes (e.g. MiFID 2).

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Digital disruption is impacting more industries, at a faster pace than ever.

Business leaders we talk to are often unclear about how digital impacts their business and the threats and opportunity it brings. Where do you stand?

We help you seize opportunities and tackle digital challenges. Our combination of strategy skills, industry knowledge and technology expertise is the key ingredient to successfully transform your business. We take a highly collaborative approach.

We work with you to see beyond today and commit to the future. We help you create unique experiences for your clients and to inspire your employees.

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Why Luxembourg?

Digitalisation will be one of the main priorities for the financial centre over the next five years, in what is likely to be the start of a new era in financial services. Luxembourg aims to position its financial industry as a leader in digital financial services.

With over 140 banks, more than 2,000 ICT firms and Europe's largest hub for investment funds, the Luxembourg financial centre represents a significant market for FinTech companies. Its vibrant ecosystem of financial institutions, technology companies, R&D centres, and a highly diversified and specialised economy, make it an emerging FinTech innovation hub.

The country already provides factual support to innovation by encouraging private and public funding, and by building up a true start-up support ecosystem. Many start-ups and technology companies (including, among others: Amazon, eBay, PayPal) have chosen Luxembourg to develop solutions around a wide range of FinTech activities: from compliance and risk-management, through blockchain and cryptocurrency, security and authentication, automated investment services, Big Data analytics, to mobile and e-payments.

What makes Luxembourg great?

  • Founding member of the EU and strategically positioned at the heart of Europe
  • Rated AAA by the three main rating agencies
  • Responsive tax system
  • A centre of R&D and innovation
  • Hub for international talent - highly skilled, multilingual workforce
  • Tailor-made international school system
  • Safe country with a high quality of living
  • Authorities committed to creating a business-friendly environment



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