"The Infiltrator" in Luxembourg

As part of our last Financial Crime event, we were thrilled to hold the Luxembourg movie premiere of "The Infiltrator" featuring a special guest speaker.

The Hollywood blockbuster was shown before in cinemas internationally and with PwC for the first time in Luxembourg. The story is a shocking chronicle of the rise and fall of one of the biggest and most intricate money-laundering operations of all time featuring the real life story of US federal agent Robert Mazur. He has infiltrated the trafficking and money-laundering network of the largest Colombian drug cartel led by Pablo Escobar and had an essential role in US authorities' efforts to build their case.

It was a pleasure welcome Robert Mazur to our event and to spend an exceptional evening with our clients. He shared experience as a real undercover money-launderer and the vulnerabilities of the financial sector to such techniques, even in an environment of ever increasing AML regulations.

Michael Weis presented recent trends and threats in the Financial Crime space that organisations need to be aware of. The discussion with Robert Mazur revealed the implications of these trends in terms of current and future risk exposure for businesses.

Around 300 clients had the chance to watch this blockbuster with us and to gain insights into the money-laundering global scene from a real undercover agent.

Michael Weis, Financial Crime Leader, PwC Luxembourg

The Infiltrator Official Trailer (2016)


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Robert Mazur's incredible life story


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