FinTechStage Luxembourg

FinTechStage is a conference that brings together innovators interested in driving entrepreneurship and investment in FinTech. It has taken place in several cities including Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Milan.

Luxembourg is an attractive hub for the development of innovative finance services; FinTechStage is a great opportunity for idea sharing, content delivery and networking around trends in digitalisation of financial technology. Blockchain, big data, digital distribution, cybersecurity are main topics in the agenda.


Date & Location

Organised by Luxembourg for Finance and sponsored by PwC Luxembourg and other organisations, the event will take place on 18 February 2016 at the Cercle Cité Luxembourg, 2 rue Genistre L-1623.


Peer pressure

Peer pressure

Consumers are hungry for a simplified, streamlined lending process, and peer-to-peer companies are capitalising on this need - creating a loyal and growing following. It's this recent growth, and future growth potential, that has banks taking notice, Peer-to peer lending has already begun its expansion beyond simple loans largely used by consumers to consolidate credit card debt. Auto loans and mortgages - once the territory of "traditional lenders" - are now part of some trailblazing peer-to-peer lending platforms' offerings.

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