Measure your brand in real time

Real-time Brand Valuation

The Situation

A new entrant to the electric car market wanted a smoother, more efficient way to measure their brand growth within key markets. As it was, our client lacked any clarity around its current brand value, had no way of assessing the effect of marketing on its monetary brand value, and its customer surveys were cost-intensive, time-consuming, and quickly outdated in today’s ever-changing society. And with the electric vehicle market growing each year, so too was the competition within. Thus, our client was looking to measure in real time its brand and to assess its position within the market on demand in order to support its strategies and decisions.


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“We want to directly measure the effect of our investments on brand value and our customers’ opinion.”

CEO of a European car manufacturer

What we did

With expertise in both social listening and financial valuations, we built an entirely new way of valuing brands: PwC’s Real-time Brand Valuation. Integrating PwC’s Digital Intelligence services with PwC’s Empirically Based Valuation model, the traditional customer survey data was replaced with real-time market and consumer data from the public web. From over 150 million public data sources, we translated customer and market posts and publications of our client’s brand and its key competitors into quantifiable metrics, which were then fed into the valuation model. Through this, we were able to deliver to the client a brand value based on current market sentiment and company financials, as well as additional brand metrics concerning its current brand image and perception compared to the competition.


  • Providing unprompted customer opinions obtained in real time and on-demand,
  • Cut out costly and time-consuming surveys ( waiting weeks for the data and re-running every year)
  • Ability to directly assess and visualize the connection between marketing efforts and brand value
  • Calculation of customer brand metrics e.g. awareness, image strengths, relevance…measured by market and brand.
Measure your brand in real time

The value of a company’s brand has a direct impact on its commercial success. 
A strong brand builds customer confidence and makes the company stand out against its competitors. But how can brand value be captured in monetary terms, ideally in real-time, so that marketing strategies can be built around it?

PwC has created a new digital product that enables companies to make a direct link between consumer brand awareness and the monetary value of the brand.

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