Digital Intelligence Services

To thrive in a complex business environment, leaders have to make quick decisions. If data availability was yesterday's challenge, today they’re confronted with data flooding from different sources that needs to be analysed in real-time.
  • Do you have real-time access to your customers' views?
  • Do you have a market and customer view on your product launches ?
  • Do you have the resources to crunch data and generate holistic insights?
  • Do you have the right tools to overview your brand’s performance and benchmark it against your competitors?

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How we can help

Our Digital Intelligence service is a client-centric solution empowering you to listen on the go to your brand, competitors, industry trends and topics that impact your business. It uses robust analytics expertise and innovative technologies to provide real-time customised dashboards, enabling faster data-driven business decisions.

What you get

Market and customer insights

  • Real time access to data covering billions of conversations from the web, 150 million sources in 187 languages;
  • Pre-configured visualisation dashboards customised to your business needs;
  • Monthly executive reports to make sense of data;
  • Monthly time with our analysts.

Additional modules you can activate


Robust analytics expertise

Open cloud-based platform that can be embedded to other BI or CRM solutions

Competitive pricing model

 Ease of use

Flexible activation of platform modules

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