Economic risk assessment

We help you assess the potential outcomes of the Eurozone crisis and to take proactive actions to identify and mitigate your potential exposures.

Your challenges

  • Forecast trends and expected economic impacts;
  • Assess exposure of portfolios, processes and service providers to a potential breakup of the Eurozone;
  • Mitigate the impact of the economic crisis;
  • Review and upgrade existing contingency plans.

How we can help

Eurozone breakup impact analysis

We help you forecast trends and expected economic impacts, to assess exposure of your business to a potential breakup of the eurozone and to mitigate the impact of the economic crisis:

  • Exposure analysis;
  • Development and implementation of mitigating measures (incl. Communication);
  • Review of investment strategy and policy;
  • Stress testing and scenario analysis;
  • Review of risk management frameworks;
  • Development of contingency plans.

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