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Starting a new job and kick-starting your career is incredibly exciting, but it’s also daunting. We know you want to find the right fit so you can feel comfortable and excited about your work. Let us show you what PwC Luxembourg can offer you.

An amazing workplace

We want to be a welcoming employer, so we have designed what we believe are fantastic facilities for our People.

Extending across 30,000m2 in the Ban de Gasperich area, Crystal Park boasts the latest advancements in sustainable architecture and building practices. Completed in 2014, it has earned high-standard certification for environmentally conscious design.

If you are part of our IT, Compliance, Audit or Tax support teams, you will be located in a new office, H2O, a few hundred metres from Gasperich. These premises feature modern, comfortable and connected workspaces, enclosed meeting rooms, client rooms, new co-working spaces and coffee corners.

Fostering creativity and conviviality

We consciously decided to go for offices that expand horizontally rather than vertically. By using footbridges, staircases and lifts, our People can meet quickly and easily.

Our new collaborative spaces aim to promote the exchange of ideas and creativity across all areas of expertise. Individual offices have been replaced by open-plan areas. PwC wants to move towards a more transversal management style. Workspaces have been created for working alone or in groups. There are conference and seminar rooms, as well as a lot of informal meeting areas.

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The 1,000m2 Atrium can be described as the heart of Crystal Park where everyone can get together for a break, informal meetings or staff events, such as Staff Day and the Christmas market.

Prioritising well-being

Our People can relax and recharge their batteries in our outside courtyard, enjoy their lunch break in the convivial restaurant or on our comfortable terraces, have a chat with colleagues in the bar or one of the many coffee corners, and work out in the gym. 

Making work more flexible

We have also re-examined the technology we use to enhance flexibility. We have provided all our People with iPhones and designed office hoteling apps to book and allocate workspaces on an as-needed basis.

We have launched the option to work remotely up to 20 days per year. This is another opportunity to adapt your working location in a flexible manner and save time commuting.

In addition, we have been developing commuting solutions since 2010. These now include a fleet of electric vehicles, and car-sharing and carpooling platforms. We also provide every employee with a Jobkaart and pay 50% of the cost of an mPass (Mobilitéitspass) to encourage the use of public transport.

Encouraging innovation

Our people are encouraged to "reimagine the possible". With state-of-the-art technological tools, PwC is revolutionising its working methods.

PwC regularly draws on the expertise of the Experience Center - with teams specialising in design thinking and UX design - to provide creative answers to its clients and to rethink the PwC experience.

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