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Get onboard

Get onboard

First days

Whether you are a student, a young graduate or an experienced candidate, we care about you as from the very first day! Case in point: our onboarding program will make your first steps at PwC all natural! We put everything in place to allow you to deepen your knowledge about our firm, our people and our organisation and start building your network within PwC.

You'll have access to Look Inside, an online community to picture what your life at PwC will be like. On it, you'll find all the information you need, including the agenda of your first day. When joining PwC, we'll take you through some essential training sessions to kick off your new career.

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Welcome and take a Look Inside

First weeks

Your career coach will stand by your side in the first weeks, to support you in developing on a personal and professional level. His/her coaching will provide you with all the general and specific technical skills you need for a smooth integration.

Develop as a leader

Develop as a leader

Are you ready to build a career in a rapidly changing world? Developing as a PwC Professional means you'll create and embrace opportunities to advance your career, fulfill your potential and turn your vision into reality.

The Leadership Development Experience (LDE) is a personalised and integrated approach for your career growth and development. Through innovative technology and tools, you can monitor your progression, identify development opportunities and drive meaningful development conversations every day.

Living a Leadership Development Experience means...
  • I know when I'm making an impact
  • I know what the firm expects of me, and what progress looks like
  • I feel enabled to progress/develop
  • I feel empowered
  • I feel valued/recognised as an individual
  • I feel like I'm part of something
  • I believe I'm supported to achieve my career goals
  • I believe I'm making an impact
  • I believe there are development opportunities for me everywhere
  • I'm part of the bigger PwC picture around the world
  • I give personalised feedback
  • I ask for feedback
  • I seek out and share knowledge
  • I support my team/colleagues
Fulfil my potential

Fulfil my potential

We believe that if you are developing the right way, you are likely to feel challenged, stimulated and more engaged in what you do. Our way of developing our people is through a combination of different learning interventions.

70:20:10 is a model that focuses on different ways of learning. The approach emphasises the importance of: "learning by doing - 70%" (developmental tasks/challenges in current job, stretch projects, etc) and "learning from others - 20%" (coaching, mentoring, feedback, role models, etc) rather than narrow definitions of learning that concentrates only on "formal learning - 10%", such as structured training courses, reading, study, e-learning, etc.

  • Technical training

    One of our priorities is to support you in getting strong technical skills and in becoming a knowledgeable expert. Accordingly, we provide you with a wide range of training courses responding to the technical features and international regulations (i.e. Ordre des Experts Comptables, Réviseurs d'Entreprises, Wirtschaftsprüfer, other EU or International Professional Qualifications).

  • Soft and business skills

    Besides the technical orientation, the development of our people in managerial and client relationship skills remains a strategic priority. We've identified a range of business/soft skills, that are key to developing our people and delivering to our clients. "Business skills" training includes a series courses covering topics such as communication, team management, relationships with people/client; leadership; coaching; impactful presentation… and more!

  • Digital learning

    Instant learning solutions are a unique opportunity to develop yourself in a flexible and self-paced way. Want to learn about a new topic, refresh some concepts, listen to inspiring mentors? Then benefit from the wealth of digital solutions (incl. eLearns and videos) available on our learning platform.

  • Language training

    With more than 70 different nationalities in our Firm, cultural diversity is a reality. Given the predominantly French-speaking environment in Luxembourg, we offer French courses to all our non-French speaking people. And, for those who wish to improve their level of English or learn Luxembourgish, we can put you in touch with external institutions that have attractive conditions.

  • Dare@PwC

    Become an intrapreneur within PwC! The Dare@PwC Programme encourages innovative and entrepreneurial people. The best projects holders may get access to time, team, experts, network to succeed as a intrapreneur.

  • Mobility programs

    Mobility, whether internal or international, is a great tool to develop your career.

    International mobility: Who hasn't dreamt of gaining some work experience abroad, getting to exposure to new environments and discover other cultures and business practices?
    As from senior level, our employees can go either on international assignments for a period of 18 to 24 months or on short-term assignments (2 to 12 months).

    Internal mobility: Each year many of our people discover another department and take advantage of the diversity of our businesses and centres of expertise. It can be for a short time or indefinitely, based on the needs of the departments and their wishes.

  • Be well, Work well

    In addition to technical, soft and business skills included in our various training plans, we developed and implemented an innovative approach called "Mind your Self" to help our People reflect on their own internal resources and fulfil their whole potential. We offer a wide range of sessions focussed on Mental, Emotional, Body and Relations aspects. They include tai chi mental, emotions' control, quit smoking, sport coaching and intercultural management among others.

  • Individual training leave

    Besides the training path set up and sponsored by the Firm, you can also enroll in training courses responding to your personal needs and aspirations on a private basis. The Luxembourgish law allows you to take an Individual Training Leave to acquire new skills and qualifications.

  • Go Events

    Joining our Firm or receiving a promotion is a milestone in your professional life. We've designed the "Go" events to guide you through your new responsibilities. These training sessions are organised away from the office and last between one day and one week. They are fit for different professional levels, from recent graduates to Partner level.

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Go PwC 2018

A 3-day event outside our premises designed for our new associates joining our assurance, tax and advisory practices.

Work flexibly

Work flexibly

Manage your time, manage your life! Flexibility is key for many of us, so we've designed different time management programs to help our people balance their everyday flexibility:
Home-based working

Home-based working is your opportunity to adapt your working location in a flexible manner and to freely organise your commuting. Our aim is to help you experience a better work-life flexibility while respecting business and team needs.

Flexible working schedule

Flexible working schedule is your opportunity to adapt your daily schedule in a flexible manner. Our aim is to help you experience a better work-life flexibility while respecting business and team needs.


This system is available for all Staff members to allow them to adapt their working time in a flexible manner. You have the opportunity to arrive later than usual, take a longer lunch break or leave earlier when you need to. You can also take one or more days off, if no conflicting with business constraints.


As from Management level, iFlex allows our people to adapt their working time in a flexible manner and to organise their working schedule freely. We wish you to experience a better work-life flexibility while respecting business and team needs.

Get extra days

Get extra days in recognition to your seniority in the firm.

Buy extra holidays

Buy extra holidays or save some days for later.


And even more enjoy a break!
Do you want time for yourself?
Motivated to joining a mission for development aid or environment protection?
PwC supports people in pursuing their personal project.

Explore benefits

Explore benefits

We offer our People a flexible and innovative remuneration system, with a wide range of benefits tailored to suit their needs and individual situations.

Adapt your benefits to your lifestyle and focus on what really matters.

  • Time management: holiday savings account, flexible schedule possibilities, extra holiday buying, home-based working;
  • Breaks: social engagement, career break;
  • Commuting: company car, fuel card, carsharing, carpooling, bus card;
  • Connectivity: iPhone for all, laptop;
  • Leisure: conciergerie, ticketing service, holiday discounts, Sympass card;
  • Payment facilities: banking package, corporate credit card;
  • Self-development: professional qualifications, foreign language lessons, Sport@PwC programme.

Easy access to tax compliant solutions with positive impact on your compensation!

  • Meal vouchers 100% supported by employer;
  • Bonus: you can allocate a portion of it for future projects in a cash savings account. You can also combine it with the Interest subsidy scheme, a tax-free reimbursement of personal or mortgage loan interest payments. You can also support a charity through NGOs donation;
  • End-of-year-premium under conditions

We've designed these benefits because your well-being matters to us.

  • Outpatient care (Ambulatory care): PwC gives you the opportunity to personally subscribe to an insurance policy to extend your reimbursement coverage of medical expenses not related to hospitalization;
  • Inpatient care (Hospitalisation): Some medical expenses are not fully covered by the state Luxembourg's social security. Therefore, PwC subscribes an insurance providing;
  • Flu vaccination.

Be covered in all situations! Benefit from PwC coverage and complete it with the insurances you need at attractive rates.

  • Life & disability insurance for you aims at preventing you and your dependents from having any financial hardship in case of disability or death of the insured person. PwC entirely finances an insurance covering both death and disability risks for all employees.

PwC ensures to all employees the possibility to contribute to an extra legal pension plan so as to build a complement to the state social security retirement pension.

2 cases are possible:

  • Your personal contribution to the pension plan
    To enable you to combine a personal pension scheme with tax savings, you have the opportunity to personally contribute.
  • PwC's contribution to the pension plan
    Within the scope of your long-term retirement pension planning, PwC finances a pension plan individually for each eligible employee so to build a complement to the state social security retirement pension.

As a result, you build yourself a package assembling these various elements.

To be fully transparent, please find hereunder indicative remuneration scheme including yearly gross salary, bonuses and benefits in kind (excluding car):

Discover life at PwC

Discover life at PwC

Starting a new job and kick-starting your career is incredibly exciting, but it’s also daunting. We know you want to find the right fit so you can feel comfortable and excited about your work. Let us show you what PwC Luxembourg can offer you.

Discover more

Build my network

Build my network

As part of the PwC family, you can use our international and alumni networks to build your own network of industry and functional experts. With 758 offices in 158 countries, PwC assists its clients in the countries where they operate. Why shouldn’t it do the same for you?

Working at PwC gives you the chance to create an address book, filled with our employees and clients from around the world, that you can use throughout your career.

You will work with clients of varying sizes and from a wide range of industries.

You can take part in our school/university events to stay in touch with your alma mater and continue to meet students.


Joining one of our clubs or going to one of our social events is another way of forging relationships with employees who you may not necessarily meet as part of your role.

Most of our former employees keep in touch with us via PwC Alumni. This community is a hive of activity: several times a year, it holds events where past and present PwC employees can get together. All employees, including new joiners, can come along and network with former staff members.


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