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Discover Luxembourg

Why Luxembourg?

  1. A strategic position in the heart of Europe;
  2. A neutral place that accommodates many multinational firms and their corporate cultures;
  3. A welcoming and safe country; Capital voted as one safest city;
  4. Flexible and welcoming authorities, open to dialogue;
  5. A financial healthy country, ranked among the most competitive countries in the world for doing business;
  6. A skilled multilingual workforce, with more than 190 different nationalities living inside the country and 190,000 Belgians, French and Germans commuting every day;
  7. A good logistical network with the fifth largest European Cargo Airport;
  8.  Excellent brand new infrastructures for sports, culture, education, research and health care;
  9. An exceptional quality of life and an attractive lifestyle;
  10. A top financial and multinational IT cluster, with 136 banks and many financial services providers supported by strong IT and communication platforms.

TOP 10 reasons:
Why Luxembourg is your "best fit" European financial centre

Living in Luxembourg

Facts and Figures
  • Capital: Luxembourg
  • Total population of the country: 600,000
  • Official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French
  • Head of State: SAR le Grand-Duc Henri
  • Head of Government: Xavier Bettel
  • More than 190,000 workers cross the borders every day
  • 50% of commuters lives in France
  • 25% of commuters lives in Germany
  • 25% of commuters lives in Belgium

Enjoying Luxembourg

City of culture

Discover a great variety of cultural attractions (museums, concert halls, cinemas and many more).

City for shoppers, clubbers and food lovers

Whether you're a shopper, a clubber or a food lover, you will always find things to enjoy in Luxembourg. Find out what the city offers each week:

City of sports and nature

Are you a walking kind of person, an intense sports kind of person, a golfer maybe or someone who loves to relax in thermal baths? The wide range of activities Luxembourg has to offer will surprise you!

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