Sourcing Strategy Survey Report

Companies are constantly reviewing their operating model in order to identify opportunities to further streamline processes while maintaining a necessary level of flexibility. Furthermore, specialised service providers as well as emerging technologies are available to support these objectives. 

The complex and ever changing regulatory environment is, most of the time, an additional challenge for financial players, especially when operating at an international level.

The recently voted law of 27 February 2018, which introduces requirements on Outsourcing could be a reason to revisit your organisation’s internal processes and IT landscape, as it brings forward additional flexibility for outsourcing models and related treatment of client confidential data.

For the second year running, we have asked several business leaders of the financial services industry to see what kind of outsourcing strategies they have or are planning to put in place


A Sourcing Strategies Survey



  • To have an overview of the current outsourcing landscape in Luxembourg;
  • To better understand drivers, best practices and pain points related to outsourcing;
  • To assess the potential impact of the law on the current outsourcing activities;
  • To identify trends, when comparing results with those of our last survey.


We’ve put together a concise survey of 30 questions structured in five different sections. We’ve sent the survey to CEOs and COOs of leading financial institutions and service providers in Luxembourg and received well over 50 responses. After a thorough evaluation of the responses, we are sharing with you the most significant findings on sourcing strategies in Luxembourg.

For whom?

Regulated entities in Luxembourg that are already outsourcing or consider doing it for some of their activities.

Key Findings

The law of 27 February 2018, which has been commented on by many stakeholders of the financial services industry as well as modified several times since the initial publication of the draft version in 2016, is predominantly considered as an opportunity by the industry.

The extent of delegated activities is already today considerable, notably related to Information Technology.


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