IT resilience

The digital age is here. Embracing the opportunities on offer is the only way to stay competitive.

IT systems form a fundamental part of your organisation, and you, your customers, shareholders and regulators, need to be able to trust these systems. With trust in your data and security, with resilience built into your systems, and with the knowledge that your digital transformation will succeed, you’ll have the confidence to embrace your digital future, and enjoy the exponential impact it has on your growth.

Our range of IT Resilience services encompasses:

Business System Confidence

Providing assurance and assistance in ensuring that robust control solutions are in place to manage IT systems risks, including process improvement, control optimisation (manual and automated controls) and providing confidence that performance data is reported correctly.

IT Trust and Transparency report

Providing comfort to stakeholders through the use of independent IT control reports, such as SOC2 reports and attestation reports for cybersecurity or cloud computing.

Business Continuity Management and Resilience

Developing our clients business continuity management and resilience processes to be better prepared for a disaster event that would seriously disrupt its operations, reputation or adherence to legal requirements.

Cloud Computing Assurance

Providing a range of cloud services such as cloud governance, cloud risk assessment, cloud compliance assessment, cloud strategy and readiness, cloud awareness and training, cloud provider selection and cloud security assessment.

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