PwC Managed services: Helping you manage the transformation your industry is facing

Your business is constantly evolving, you are under pressure to manage costs and protect your reputation. 

You want to focus on your core business.

Can you?

Now you can, with PwC Managed Services

What if...

PwC Managed Services helps you overcome the challenges linked to the industry transformation. Our comprehensive outsourcing solution for your regulatory and compliance obligations, combined with the expertise of our team and the broader range of services covered bring you peace of mind in the following areas:
  • Fund Incorporation services;
  • Fund Documentation (Prospectus, KIID, KID, etc.);
  • Risk Management services;
  • Regulatory and Investor reporting (Investor tax, Solvency II, AIFMD reporting, etc.);
  • VAT, Corporate Taxes and Accounting;
  • And more to come. Your business doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. We continuously adopt ways to improve, with unmatched experience, more agile processes and future-forward technology that help us run learner, nimbler and smarter. We’ll be working alongside you to make this ecosystem grow and cover any new challenges you will face.

Knowledge is power

What if you could have access to a full range of experts on demand?

Let our experts handle the complicated regulations - it’s their day-to-day business.

You’ll benefit from our large exposure to the Asset Management industry:

  • Due to our size and experience, we have amassed a high level of know-how on your business, working with the biggest players in the industry.
  • Our dedicated specialists work together to cover the largest bundle of services, including a highly reputed technical team. You gain a level of unmatched expertise and analytical views on legal and tax developments that can truly help you re-evaluate and adapt your business strategies with the best cost and time effective approaches.
  • Whatever your business needs, you’ll find an expert at your fingertips who can answer right away. With more than 2,850 people in Luxembourg and 236,000 around the globe, we make sure that your challenges - from operations to strategy and anything in between - are properly addressed.

What if you could be confident that you are on top of your compliance position at all times?

We have invested in a digital ecosystem which will change the way you interact with your business advisor.

PwC’s intelligent solution includes:

  • A homepage with easy-to-use dashboards tailored to your needs, offering an overview on where you stand.
  • A calendar to track reporting deliverables. This keeps you aware of upcoming deadlines.
  • A data library with a powerful search engine tool that allows you to quickly and easily find what you need, when you need it.
  • Access by instant messaging to your dedicated Relationship Team.
  • Fund trends, market data and data analytics based on your interests.

From data to data insights - PwC Managed Services transforms your data into assets and brings added-value to your business through accessible information and reporting analysis. We upload your data stream and provide you with data insights in a real-time approach, based on a flexible model.

Technology is a must

Teamwork is a driving force

What if you could save time and reduce risks with one point of contact taking care of your operations?

Your Relationship Partner and delivery team will work closely together to ensure your reporting and compliance obligations are run smoothly and that you will benefit from the efficiency of running a bundle of services under one roof.

Our approach is based on these following pillars:

  • Simplification of our relationship: more centralised, simple, more efficient.
  • Your Relationship Partner is a trusted advisor who knows you and is able to answer your needs.
  • A team at your side: Your Relationship Partner is your point of contact, but a full team of experts is dedicated to your needs.
  • You’ll benefit from our proven processes and methodologies.

Think bigger. Take your business further.

PwC eliminates the risks inherent in regulatory changes. 

Your employees are more motivated. Your shareholders are rewarded. We deliver to your Management Board targets around risk and your financials, operating model and growth are enhanced.

It’s more than a tool. More than a service. PwC Managed Services offers all of this with an extra layer of assurance. You gain valuable peace of mind by letting us take care of your non-core tasks.

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