Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion to create collective value

Diversity & Inclusion matter to us as we see it as an essential element for our own sustainability. It goes beyond hiring people with different characteristics; it’s about ensuring everyone feels welcome, safe and accepted. This way, we create the collective value that our clients and society expect from us.

At PwC, we hire from a global talent pool to serve our international clients. We are thus inherently diverse with our 77 nationalities and even more different backgrounds.

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At PwC Luxembourg and throughout our Network, we take our diversity and inclusion approach and our human rights policy extremely seriously. We acknowledge that when people from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together; we create the most value - for our clients, our people and society. However, to make it happen we must put this diversity into action. It starts by building the right culture: a place where all of us can experience the most positive interactions.

Learn more about our diversity and inclusion vision and strategy from our D&I leader, Vinciane Istace.

In order to measure this dimension, we ask our people to answer different statements in our Global People Survey. This year we added a new question: “People I work with make the effort to get to know me and what I uniquely bring to PwC”, which was well received, with 67% of our employees identifying themselves with the statement. Our strongest question was: “PwC is an inclusive work environment where individual differences are respected and valued”, answered positively by 79% of our people. That is also the highest score we’ve got since we started to monitor this sub-dimension. A moderate increase was detected for the statement: “I am satisfied with actions Territory Leadership has taken to build a diverse and inclusive work environment”, with 65% of positive answers, also being the highest for this sub-dimension when compared with previous years. Finally, a small decrease was pointed out for: “The people I work for are considerate of how their behaviours impact others”, with 51% of positive answers.

The total index score of the Diversity & Inclusion dimension is 65%. It is the second highest in the Global People Survey, which shows the importance our employees give to being respected and cherished for their individual differences and uniqueness, within a team that cares not only for how their actions can impact others but also for the value they bring, in an inclusive environment that leaders care for.

Pay Equity Review

A persistent gender pay gap to the detriment of women exists globally and is evolving very slowly.
Our way to care about an equitable remuneration for both genders is to apply a data driven culture. At PwC we regularly perform Pay Equity Reviews. This year we faced the complex transition of all our HR data into our new HRIS system. We then opted to differ our certification procedure while still monitoring our remuneration system through four variables (instead of six last year) as recommended by our own Network. Strictly speaking, the results cannot be compared to those from last year, but they remain valid indicators for detecting any potential gender pay gap.

Our pay equity review includes the lines of services of tax, advisory and assurance, from the grade of associate to managing director. We split our population into 2 reference groups :

  • Staff for the people in the grades from associate to senior, and
  • Management for the people in the grades from manager to managing directors.

We observe that there is no gender pay gap for the staff group while an unadjusted pay gap of 0.3% in favour of men is identified. Though these figures may confirm we are reducing our gender pay difference, we still remain very alert about the characteristics that might be influencing this difference in earnings of men and women, such as working time schedule, seniority and grade levels. These numbers are a small indicator of how our Firm is approaching its final goal of eliminating the gender pay gap, but there’s still work to do and a more granular analysis will help us dismantle the remaining biases and continue our path to achieve pay equity.


For a firm like PwC Luxembourg, it’s crucial to have several initiatives in place to keep our day-to-day operations vibrant, especially in terms of diversity and inclusion. These actions may include events (i.e International Women’s Day), long lasting commitments (i.e our pledge to He4She), providing curriculum for D&I skills across the firm (214 participants last year), and celebrating our own diversity with our people (i.e Diversity Day). We use these initiatives to reach the greatest amount of people and have a wide range of diverse skills. However, they also help us identify those areas where we are lacking in and guide us in a direction that will allow us to progress.

International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day. This year we celebrated with a homemade exhibition of 13 remarkable people who set milestones towards gender equality through their own words, beliefs or acts; the exhibition ended with some key figures demonstrating that we’re far from a balanced environment. Drawing on last year’s hugely successful edition, we organised the second International Women’s Day panel presentation in our premises. The  focus was on celebrating success. Experienced professional role models and leaders, from both our business community and the academic world, shared their key life and work lessons for a meaningful life.

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International Diversity Day

May 21st is International Diversity Day. PwC Luxembourg is a signatory of a national initiative called La Charte de la Diversité Luxembourg. The charter can be signed by any organisation in order to express its commitment to promoting diversity beyond the legal and regulatory requirements.

Similar to last year, we celebrated our firm’s vast and diverse backgrounds by asking our staff to bake a traditional cake from their home country. This is a fun and social way of gathering our staff together. Corine Cahen, Minister for Family and Integration and patron of the Diversity Charter, welcomed our staff as part of her tour to experience first-hand the Luxembourgish initiatives.


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Shine, created in 2019 by PwC Global, is an initiative that commits to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves, including our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) talents so they can deploy their full potential. Shine works closely with national associations to develop good inclusion practices and to promote safe workplaces for the LGBT+ community. Shine members opened up the group’s activities in July 2019, when participating in the Equality March Luxembourg Pride 2019. Over 80 PwC employees and their families took part in this event and celebrated our inclusive spirit.

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Uniting efforts

In PwC Luxembourg, we believe that to be truly inclusive, every diversity dimension must be taken into consideration. We reflect on our own actions, check and exchange practices with other corporates and hope to get inspired and motivate others to commit towards a more inclusive and equitable culture in their workplaces. We then privilege co-founding initiatives with other employers or networks in order to generate a greater impact by acting together for the good of the Luxembourg job market as a whole.

Our partnering with the International Dual Career Network IDCN with seven other employers to support the integration of the spouses of our mobile employees and our commitment to My Pledge to promote a better gender mix among public speakers are tangible illustrations that Diversity and Inclusion are about uniting our efforts to make a difference in the way we do business.