Accounting, reporting and consolidation for Alternative Investment Funds

A team of experts helping you to bring value to your business

In response to market demands and the rising number of regulated vehicles in the alternatives sector, PwC Luxembourg has decided to extend its current accounting services, established since 15 years, to the regulated alternative fund sector.
If you have an Alternative Investment Funds ("AIF") and are looking for a partner with real expertise in the alternatives sector, we have the solutions for your complex financial reporting and fund administration needs.

Our fund accounting team can provide you with:

  • Accurately and timely financial reporting and consolidations
  • Highest quality deliverables
  • A friendly and accessible team that speaks your language
  • Compliance for your regulatory needs
  • Access to a full range of services with a single point of contact

The value of working with us is…


Real alternatives expertise from our strong audit market share


A team with intensive training and experience which is able to offer alternatives training solutions


Access to a global network and expertise to find solutions for your accounting needs

Best Practices

Sharing of best practice for Alternative vehicles

Accounting & Consolidation

A team with strong IFRS, Lux GAAP, INREV and US GAAP accounting & consolidation knowledge

Innovative Tools

An innovative project management tool, FOS (Fund Office Services) to run daily tasks and store documentation

Risk Management & Compliance

A team that understands risk management & compliance for alternative fund vehicles


A single point of contact to serve all your needs, focuses on availability, quality & timely delivery


A friendly, available team that speaks your language

Our services

Our team brings you the following core services for the alternative fund industry:


The fund accounting and administration services include the daily bookkeeping, the calculation of the net asset value, the preparation of the quarterly and annual accounts, the consolidation process as well as reconciliation to your trading NAV or INREV NAV.

Our team will act as your client relationship manager and will proactively coordinate between all the various counterparties, such as the local accountants, the property managers, the valuations team and with Management.

We understand that each fund's reporting needs may vary and our team is ready to build the reporting you require for your stakeholders.

Our team will help you to manage your fund activity by offering you a range of services shown below:
  • Assistance to the NAV computation
  • Preparation of Annual and consolidated accounts under required accounting standards (LUX GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP)
  • INREV reconciliation
  • Identification of all necessary adjustments to have harmonisation of the accounting policies
  • Bookkeeping
  • Coordination with the various parties involved
  • Investor reporting/communication
  • Calculation and payment of all relevant fees/taxes
  • Valuation of portfolio
  • Designing and implementation of the consolidation process
  • Coordination with local accountants in other countries
  • Review of the subsidiaries accounting records
  • Reconciliation of intercompany transactions
  • Preparation of investor or other reporting
  • Preparation of investor communications
  • Coordination of AIFM reporting
  • Risk management and compliance reporting
  • Ability to develop or adapt reporting models to your needs
  • A single point of contact to manager all needs, which speaks English, French or German
  • Possibility to coordinate all services you may need (fund accounting, transfer agent, domiciliation, fund setup, tax compliance, tax structuring)
  • This person will setup the reporting process and implement weekly calls to ensure each counterparty is on track and able to deliver
  • Available for you when you need them, with focus on timely communication and real customer service
We can also coordinate other services within PwC that you may need such as:


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