"From Confinement to De-confinement" webinar

As of April 13, the Luxembourgish, French, Belgian and German authorities have started announcing actions that they will carry out for a progressive end of the confinement period. It will happen over several months.
It is now the time for every public and private organisation to prepare their exit strategies and return to a “new normal”. The process, novel to most of us, requires to think through operations, infrastructure, human resources, security aspects, among others. 


We are organising a webinar session, animated by Anne-Sophie Preud'Homme - COO, PwC Luxembourg, François Mousel - Market leader, PwC Luxembourg and Roy Coppieters - Crisis management leader, PwC Belgium, to answer your questions.

Here are some that may be of your interest:

  • What are the methods and techniques to get progressively out of confinement?
  • What are the minimum measures to fulfill the legal obligation of safety and health as an employer? 
  • How to get prepared with the lessons learnt or by performing a 360-degree maturity assessment? 
  • What measures should be taken to ensure permanent social distancing rules?
  • Who should restart first?
  • How and where to order masks?
  • How to define guidance to walk around with masks and gloves
  • How to manage staff anxiety?
  • How to reorganise catering services?
  • What are the rules for employees when taking public transportation?

To answer them, your usual PwC contact or our expert Thomas Wittische remain available at all times. You can also call our dedicated COVID19 hotline at: +352 49 48 48 5959.

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