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We help you address the business issues of a changing world. With over 700 dedicated Sustainability staff globally and a team of 20 dedicated professionals in Luxembourg, PwC is a leading provider of Sustainability services to organisations. The PwC Sustainability practice in Luxembourg is leading the agenda, bringing together a team of 20 engineers and consultants around a unique strategy combining financial, economic and technical skills related to sustainability.
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Les projets de construction sont des opérations complexes, impliquant de nombreux acteurs, et pour lesquels les facteurs de risque sont d’origines multiples : rares sont pourtant les cas où le management des risques est réellement formalisé.

Renewable Energy Advisory

Renewable energy (e.g. bioenergy, carbon capture and storage, photovoltaics, solar power, wind power and hydro power) is becoming more and more attractive as large institutional investors have been increasingly attracted and exposed to this sector. As a long-term, high-risk and capital intensive investment, renewable energy is a global asset that must be carefully managed in the context of an overall business strategy.

Sustainability for Banks - An impact to your business that needs to be managed

The recent financial crisis has put the Financial Services sector under the spotlight. The activities of Banks and other Financial Services Institutions are more than ever under scrutiny, not only by the local and international Regulators, but also by a wider public including clients, employees and investors.

Sustainable IT: "A Green State of Mind"

Heightened public concern and International pressure over climate change is affecting enterprises as well as their plans to meet the growing clamour for environmentally-friendly products and services. Not surprisingly, the majority of executives feel impelled to react to a rising demand not only for green products, but greener operations as well.

Microfinance, which started as a small movement to help the poorest households of developing countries by providing them with access to finance and savings services, has soared tremendously over the past few years.
Grand claims have been made that microfinance can end poverty. What makes microfinance such an appealing idea is that it offers hope to those who are traditionally marginalised and financially excluded.