Sustainability Newsletter - October 2014
Podcast - PwC Luxembourg Sustainability Practice - How we can help you
Putting a price on value
Mobilité Durable - Organiser le changement
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Stakeholders expect your organisation to generate value. In today's world, this value can no longer be only economic but it also has to be social and environmental, making an overall positive contribution to society while minimising any negative effect it might have on the environment.

This new business approach - balancing economic interest against social and environmental concerns - is commonly referred to as sustainability.

PwC has what it takes to help you address the business issues of a changing world. With over 700 Sustainability dedicated staff globally and a team of 20 dedicated professionals in Luxembourg, PwC is a leading provider of Sustainability services to organisations.

In 2011, following the integration of PROgéna, PwC Luxembourg launched its Sustainability department, a unique combination of financial, economic and technical skills related to sustainability.

The PwC Sustainability practice is leading the agenda, bringing a team of almost 20 engineers and consultants to support you.


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