Risk Management

The shift from well-defined conventional risks (e.g. credit and market risks) to risks that require a more specific assessment like strategic, reputational, liquidity or operational risks has led to a growing uncertainty throughout the financial industry.

At the same time, supervisory authorities have decided to set up new rules intended to reinforce governance and risk management frameworks within the financial industry.

In public institutions and commercial & industrial companies, we have also observed growing awareness and maturity in the risk management processes, especially for operational risk management. Indeed, Governments, stakeholders and top management are expected to provide value for money, especially where the resources are provided by public funding. Therefore, attention needs to be paid not only to the legality and regularity of public spending (compliance) but also to the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of expenditure.

In this context, PwC Luxembourg has had to favour each action permitting to optimise its response to our client needs in the risk management area. Therefore, a Risk Management team mainly composed of experienced people from within the industry (Banks, Asset management, public sector and commercial & industrial companies Non-financial services).

Our risk management services have become a "Key Focus Area" of the whole firm, which is transverse by nature: Advisory, Audit, Regulatory Compliance Advisory Services Group and many others collaborate in a transversal fashion in order to ensure a PwC Risk Management offer aligned with market needs.

How we can help you


By implementing a risk management solution tailored to our clients’ organisation, you will be able to:

  • Be compliant with the regulatory requirements and best practices standards
  • Reduce risks and losses and better understand the risks taken within tolerable levels
  • Improve governance, risk methodologies and risk management policies
  • Improve processes, controls and related cost management