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Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) requires multinational enterprises (MNEs) to provide information on their global allocation of profit, taxes paid and other economic indicators in the countries in which they operate.

A new investment vehicle is changing the Luxembourg Alternative Investment Fund landscape: the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF). The RAIF is a flexible, multipurpose alternative investment fund that can be marketed quickly.

Debt is clearly an attractive class of assets on the radar screen of many investors. Over the past years, we have set up a dedicated team from various horizons. This team is as diversified as the debt funds we are servicing during their entire life through a wide range of audit, tax and advisory services.

By providing you with suitable and comprehensive services and products we support you in building an efficient and sustainable advantage. Private Equity is a core and substantial business within PwC Luxembourg's service offering. We have developed a team of highly sophisticated specialists with deep know-how and sound market knowledge. Over 250 experienced multilingual partners and staff are dedicated to Private Equity within our audit, tax, compliance and advisory practices and support you in making the right choices. As a result, we are the number one audit firm and market leader servicing the Private Equity industry sector in Luxembourg.

On 5 October 2015, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published its long-awaited final package of reports on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). This marked the culmination of over two years work to complete the BEPS Action Plan. Finance ministers from the G20 group of countries endorsed the package during their meeting on 8 October 2015 in Lima.

The business environment of the Private Equity industry is continuously changing (e.g. BEPS, GAAR, AIFMD etc.). Although most of Luxembourg companies’ set-up already complies with current and coming requirements, the Private Equity business is exposed to cross-country activities, and reactions to external requests (e.g. Foreign tax authorities, CSSF, etc.) might be a challenge.

As an investor, maximising the return on your investments while mitigating your risks is crucial. That's why the companies you invest in need to have a promising vision and the level of business sophistication you’re looking for. Besides finding the right target, defining an investment plan is another challenge you face. While entrepreneurs welcome investors’ equity and expertise as means of expanding their business, their long-term vision might differ from your own. Here lies a clear need to bridge the gap between your objectives and the entrepreneur’s ambitions, and to design a win-win approach that meets the requirements and wishes of both of you.

Luxembourg - a location ideally suited to Chinese investors

Many Asian sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors allocate their investments to European alternative assets such as private equity and real estate. These investors need to consider various holding locations that would be most suitable as an investment platform.

Do you have US investors in your fund? A question you have probably heard all too frequently as the topic of FATCA continues to gain in popularity. However, beyond the scope of FATCA, providing your US investors with the right US tax reporting allows them to properly optimise their US tax return filings.

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By improving the existing Luxembourg limited partnership regime and adding the Luxembourg special limited partnership to its legal arsenal of investment vehicles dedicated to the alternative investment industry (including the Private Equity industry), Luxembourg offers a new solution as alternative investment fund jurisdiction to Private Equity and Venture Capital operations and to alternative investment funds managers and promoters in general.
This publication summarises the main legal, accounting, valuation and tax rules pertaining to both regulated and unregulated Luxembourg limited partnerships and Luxembourg special limited partnerships.